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Weekend/Evening & Online College

Film and Media


woman using a professional camera

Study Film at a Hollywood Studio!

The Weekend/Evening & Online College at Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles is excited to offer our Film & Media courses at a Hollywood Studio! Our stages and labs put students right in the center of the entertainment capital of the world on a working studio lot.

Through small class sizeshands-on instruction, and one-on-one mentoring, students gain experience in the development, production, and post-production of cinematic storytelling. The structure of the program is designed to accommodate working individuals and those already in the media industry, as well as those who would like to pursue studio internships or work on their projects full time.

Plus: get certified in industry-leading software suites like ProToolsAvid Media Composer, and DaVinci Resolve — helping you get ahead in the competitive film and television job market.

Students can select between evening courses or classes that meet 6 weekends per semester in 4 possible course blocks: Saturday & Sunday, 8am-2pm & 3pm-9pm.

In addition to a BA in Film & Media, the program offers four minor options:

  • Documentary
  • Film & Media
  • Film, Media & Social Justice
  • Professional Photography

Realize your dreams of being a working member of the media with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Film & Media from Weekend/Evening & Online College at Mount Saint Mary’s University

Available Program Formats

Learn more about our program formats and hear from our students about their unique experiences.

Weekend, Evening & Online

Choose your own schedule. Instruction takes place on select weekends, evenings, in-person or online. Combine all formats, or choose the one that works for you.

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in Film at Mount Saint Mary’s University offers early immersion in the technical and professional skills necessary to prepare students for careers in the film, television, and digital media industries. For more information, please consult a Mount advisor.

Required Courses

Visual History

Choose one of the following:

Camera Foundations

Choose one of the following:

  • FLM 2: Foundations of Photography (3 units)
  • FLM 144A: Digital Cinematography (3 units)

Electives (18 units)

  • Complete any six elective FLM classes and/or other classes by advisement

Total Credit Hours: 42

Documentary Minor

The minor in Documentary introduces and explores the history and impact of documentary filmmaking. Emphasis is placed on building artistic and technical skills in the production of cinematic non-fiction storytelling.

Core Courses


Choose three courses (9 units) from the following:

Total Credit Hours: 18

Film and Media Minor

The minor in Film and Media introduces students to the core elements of creative media production and digital storytelling.

Required Courses


  • Complete any three elective FLM classes and/or other classes by advisement (9 units)

Total Credit Hours: 18

Film, Media and Social Justice Minor

The minor in Film, Media & Social Justice emphasizes understanding and harnessing the power of media as a tool for social change.

Required Courses

  • FLM 131A: Film, Media and Social Justice (3 units)
  • FLM 135: Mass Media (3 units)
  • FLM 168: Race, Sex & Hollywood (3 units)


  • Complete any three elective FLM classes and/or other classes by advisement (9 units)

Total Credit Hours: 18

Professional Photography Minor

The minor in photography at MSMU gives the students in any major an opportunity to compliment their studies with a well rounded survey of photographic courses. In today’s visual world the ability to create and understand unique imagery is an added value in any sector of business, for profit or non profit.

Through coursework the student has the opportunity to learn basic foundations of photography, advanced lighting techniques, studio product photography, workflow, aesthetics, critical analysis and professional practices.

Choose One of the Following

  • FLM 2: Foundations of Photography (3 units)
  • FLM 110: Alternative Photography Media (3 units)

Choose One of the Following

  • FLM 8: Lighting Principles (3 units)
  • FLM 139A/FLM 205: Introduction to Digital Video Production (3 units)

Choose Four of the Following

  • ART 10: Photography I (3 units)
  • ART 108: Digital Deluge (3 units)
  • ART 150A: Photography II: Portraiture (3 units)
  • ART 152A: Color Digital Photography (3 units)
  • FLM 30: Studio Product Photography (3 units)
  • FLM 104: Lighting for People (3 units)
  • FLM 108: The Print (3 units)
  • FLM 109: Photography as Fine Art (3 units)
  • FLM 111: The Art Director (3 units)
  • FLM 112: Food and Beverage Photography (3 units)
  • FLM 175: Fashion Photography (3 units)
  • FLM 180: Masters of Light (3 units)
  • FLM 181: Sports Photography (3 units)
  • FLM 184: Marketing for Still & Motion Photographers (3 units)
  • FLM 195: Portfolio Development (3 units)

Total Credit Hours: 18