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The Criminology degree program at Weekend/Evening & Online College is excellent preparation for any career that deals with at-risk populations, the justice system, social work, or the law.

Prepare yourself for the world of criminal justice with a Bachelors of Science degree in Criminology from Weekend/Evening & Online College at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Our innovative degree program means you’ll explore the theories and concepts applied to deviance and social disorganization through the Mount’s experiential educational approach in real-world settings around Los Angeles.

The Weekend/Evening & Online College Criminology degree program prepares you for a career in law enforcement, probation, crime prevention, forensic research, law studies, rehabilitation, at-risk population programs, or advanced studies in sociology, criminology, social work, or law. The choice is up to you — the opportunities are limitless.

Learn about community policing, crisis response and management, and criminal policy and practice. You will participate in two semesters of internships at local or federal agencies where you will engage in hands-on, real-world experiences with top-level professionals.

Criminology is one of the fastest-growing areas of the American economy. Employment prospects are excellent, and a Criminology degree from Weekend/Evening & Online College at Mount Saint Mary’s University can help set you on a course for professional success.

Available Program Formats

Learn more about our program formats and hear from our students about their unique experiences.

Weekend, Evening & Online

Choose your own schedule. Instruction takes place on select weekends, evenings, in-person or online. Combine all formats, or choose the one that works for you.

Degree Requirements

The following is a complete listing of degree requirements for those seeking to earn a BS in Criminology from Weekend/Evening & Online College at Mount Saint Mary’s University. For more information, please consult a Mount advisor.

Required Courses

45 units total

  • SOC 1: Introduction to Sociology (3 units)
  • CRI 109: Forensic Studies: Criminalistics (3 units)
  • CRI 110: Juvenile Delinquency (3 units)
  • CRI 111: Introduction to Criminology (3 units)
  • CRI 113: Community Policing (3 units)
  • CRI 114: Corrections (3 units)
  • CRI 115: Sociology of Violence (3 units)
    CRI 127: Family Systems Theory and Violence
  • CR 116: Criminal Justice (3 units)
    CRI 122: Criminal Policy and Practice
  • CRI 119: Urban Crisis Response and Management (3 units)
  • CRI 123: Crime and Minorities
    SOC 180: Social Stratification
  • CRI 197AB: Internship (6 units)
  • SOC 117: Quantitative Research Methods (3 units)
  • SOC 120: Case Management (3 units)
  • SOC 160: Diversity in Society (3 units)

For those students currently employed in law enforcement and allied fields in the justice system, SOC 117 and CRI 197AB are not requirements, but are strongly encouraged. 36 units, plus all general studies requirements.

Minor in Criminology

18 units total

  • CRI 109: Forensic Studies: Criminalistics (3 units)
  • CRI 110: Juvenile Delinquency (3 units)
  • CRI 111: Criminology (3 units)
  • CRI 114: Corrections (3 units)
  • CRI 116: Criminal Justice (3 units)
  • CRI elective (from above CRI courses)

Additional Recommended Courses

For those with or planning careers in Probation and Rehabilitation

Total Units

Total Units for Major: 45 units

Total Units for Complete Bachelor's Degree: 124 units

Total Units for Minor: 18 units