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Business Administration


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Weekend/Evening & Online College’s Business Administration program develops leaders who can make complex decisions while valuing the responsibility they hold to the global community.

At Weekend/Evening & Online College, you’ll discover a Business Administration educational environment characterized by four key themes: global business, management communications, business ethics, and innovations in contemporary business management. Our curriculum is a blending of in-person sessions at our Doheny campus near downtown Los Angeles and online coursework.

Choose from one of four Business Administration programs now available:

If you’re looking to advance your career in business, consider the BS in Business Administration degree program from Weekend/Evening & Online College at Mount Saint Mary’s University.

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Available Program Formats

Learn more about our program formats and hear from our students about their unique experiences.

Weekend, Evening & Online

Choose your own schedule. Instruction takes place on select weekends, evenings, in-person or online. Combine all formats, or choose the one that works for you.

Fully Online

Complete your degree 100% online with the support of our distinguished faculty.

Low Residency Pathways

Attend classes one evening a week with supplemental online coursework.

You’ll focus on a wealth of subjects as part of the dynamic curriculum:

  • Management
  • Information Systems
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Business Law
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • and much more!

Best of all, you’ll incorporate your own workplace experience into the fabric of the classroom. Every Weekend/Evening & Online College course emphasizes discussion, group projects and written communication, so you’ll learn in a collaborative and effective manner.

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Degree Requirements

The following is a complete listing of degree requirements for those seeking to earn a BS in Business Administration from Weekend/Evening & Online College at Mount Saint Mary’s University. For more information, please consult a Mount advisor.

Lower Division Core Requirements

27 units total

  • BUS 5: Business Law I (3 units)
  • BUS 15A: Accounting Principles I (3 units)
  • BUS 15B: Accounting Principles II (3 units)
  • BUS 21: Essentials of Business Writing and Preparation (3 units)
  • ECO 1: Microeconomics (3 units)
  • ECO 2: Macroeconomics (3 units)
  • MTH 28: Mathematical Analysis for Business (3 units)
  • MTH 38: Elements of Probability and Statistics (3 units)
  • PHI 92/PHI 192: Business Ethics (3 units)

Upper Division Core Requirements

21 units total

  • BUS 122: Managerial Communications (3 units)
    BUS 106: Business Law II (3 units)
  • BUS 130: Principles of Finance (3 units)
  • BUS 160: Principles of Marketing (3 units)
  • BUS 177: Management Information Systems (3 units)
  • BUS 184: Organizational Behavior (3 units)
  • BUS 185: Principles of Management (3 units)
  • BUS 192: Business Policy & Strategy (3 units)

In addition to core requirements, eighteen (18) upper division business units are required for the major in Business Administration.

Students who wish to pursue a specific business area concentration may do so by completing 12 units from the following lists below:

Accounting Concentration

  • BUS 137: Intermediate Accounting I (3 units)
  • BUS 138: Intermediate Accounting II (3 units)
  • BUS 131: Managerial Accounting (3 units)
  • BUS 186 :Tax Accounting (3 units)
  • BUS 188: Auditing (3 units)
  • BUS 198: Advanced Accounting (3 units)

Marketing Concentration

  • BUS 161: Principles of Advertising (3 units)
  • BUS 163: Marketing Research (3 units)
  • BUS 165: New Media Marketing (3 units)
  • BUS 166: Consumer Marketing Research (3 units)
  • BUS 175: Sales Management (3 units)
  • BUS 194: Consumer Behavior (3 units)
  • BUS 195: International Marketing (3 units)

Management Concentration

  • BUS 157: Human Resources Development (3 units)
  • BUS 181: Global Businesses (3 units)
  • BUS 187: Management Seminar (3 units)

And any one of the following courses:

  • BUS 170: Real Estate (3 units)
  • BUS 171: Real Estate Law and Management (3 units)
  • BUS 176: Small Business Management (3 units)
  • BUS 189: International Management (3 units)
  • BUS 193: Selected Topics (3 units)

International Business Concentration

  • BUS 181: Global Business (3 units)
  • BUS 195: International Marketing (3 units)
  • ECO/HIS 112: World Economic History (3 units)

And three units from the following:

  • BUS 123: Travel and Study Abroad (3 units)
  • BUS 189: International Management (3 units)
  • BUS 193: Special Studies in Economic Development (1 unit)
  • BUS 193: Managing Diversity (1 unit)

Total Units

Total Units for Major: 48 units
48 Units Required for Basic Major Degree Program

Total Units for Major with Concentration: 60 units
For those who choose to include a concentration in their studies

Total Units for Degree: 124 units
At least 45 units must be from Upper Division courses, and at least 30 of the last 39 taken in residency