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Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements for the Social Work BS

The following is a complete listing of degree requirements for those seeking to earn a BW in Social Work from Weekend/Evening College at Mount Saint Mary’s University.

For more information, please consult a Mount advisor.

Lower Division

SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 13 Anatomy for Social Services
BIO 40 Anatomy
MTH 38 Elements of Probability and Statistics
BUS 38 Elements of Probability and Statistics
PSY 40 Basic Statistical Methods

Upper Division

SOC 103 Group Process/Therapy
SOC 104 The Family
SOC 106 Introduction to Psychotherapy
SOC 110 Juvenile Delinquency
SOC 10 Youth & Crime
SOC 112 Medical Sociology
SOC 117 Quantitative Research Methods
SOC 118 Qualitative Research Methods
SOC 120 Case Management
SOC 121 Human Services Ethics
SOC 128 Introduction to Social Work
SOC 130 Organizational Communication
SOC 134 Mediation
SOC 130 Human Communication
SOC 162 Human Rights
SOC 189 Gerontology
SOC 197AB Internship and Practicum – two semesters (6)

Plus three elective courses (9 units)

Total Units for the Major: 54

Total Units for Complete Bachelor’s Degree: 124