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Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements for the Liberal Arts BA

The following is a complete listing of degree requirements for those seeking to earn a BA in Liberal Arts from Weekend/Evening College at Mount Saint Mary’s University.

For more information, please consult a Mount advisor.

General Studies

Total Units in General Studies: 50

Communication Skills 8 units
Written (First-year English 1A & 1B) 6 units
Oral 2 units

Critical Thinking 3 units
Can be satisfied by designated courses in Philosophy or English

Arts & Sciences 21 units
Art/Music (History or Appreciation) 3 units
Literature 3 units
History (1A – Western Civilization for English majors) 3 units
Natural Science 3 units
Mathematics 3 units
Social or Behavioral Science 3 units
Economics or Political Science 3 units

Foreign Language or Culture 6 units

Philosophy and Religious Studies 15 units
Must include 3 units of Ethics
Religious Studies 6 to 9 units
Philosophy (including one course in Philosophical Ideas) 6 to 9 units

Diversity Courses 6 units
Can be satisfied by designated courses in Art, Literature, History, Philosophy, Religion 6 units

Major Requirements

Total Units in Major: 34-36

LIB 101 Introduction to the Liberal Arts (3)
LIB 110 Senior Seminar (3)

A minimum of 30 units in Liberal Arts offerings, of which 24 must be upper division.

A minimum of 4 of the upper-division courses must be in the humanities, representing at least two of the following disciplines:

Religious Studies

A minimum of four upper-division courses must be in the social sciences, representing at least two of the following disciplines:

Political Science

Plus General Studies requirements and electives totaling 124 semester units, including Modern Language requirement of two courses in Modern Language or Cultural Studies.

Free Electives

Total Units of Free Electives: 44

Any courses whatsoever may be chosen for 44 units of academic credit, of which 18 or 21 units may be used to constitute a minor.

Total Units for the Major: 34-36

Total Units for Complete Bachelor’s Degree: 124