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Veteran, Military & Family Services



Reintegration into Higher Education

While many students have disruptions in their personal lives that impact their coursework, being deployed is unique. Therefore, after being in a combat zone or called to activity duty, readjustment to life at home and school may present a challenge.

Returning veterans face a variety of issues that may or may not affect their transition and success in the academic environment. While many veterans do not exhibit symptoms related to Post Traumatic Stress, those who do, might demonstrate a heightened-startled response to loud noises or sudden movements. Veterans re-entering college may also continue to cope privately with physical, social and psychological obstacles whilst attempting to “live a normal life.”. While it may be easier to blend into the campus culture, they may easily become marginalized and isolated, compounding an already difficult transition and re-integration.

Veterans, however, also bring military experience and training which may translate positively as attributes in the classroom. Faculty and Advisors are uniquely positioned to help veterans explore and identify how these experiences are a source of personal strength and psychological resilience. Once recognized, these attributes can be channeled towards the formation of adaptive and productive attitudes and behaviors to promote success in the academic environment.