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Reintegration into Higher Education

Veterans re-entering college may continue to cope with physical, social and psychological obstacles while attempting to “live a normal life”. While it may be easier to blend into the campus culture, they may easily become marginalized and isolated, compounding an already difficult transition and re-integration.

There are also students who may be serving in the military through the National Guard or Reserves through the various military branches. These are considered “citizen” service members, individuals living with families in our communities, not on military installations. Mandatory drills or sudden, unexpected deployment are disruptive to a student’s personal and academic life. Many students have disruptions in their personal lives that impact there coursework, however, going into combat is unlike any other. Therefore, after being on active duty, readjustment to life at home and school can be a challenge.

Adjustment to the classroom

Coming back from deployment to a college campus is a big adjustment. However, many skills and qualities honed during the military career provide advantages for succeeding on a college campus. At the same time, college settings require a unique set of skills that returning veterans may have to learn. Culturally those two settings are much different, as well. It is not uncommon for returning veterans to feel disconnected from civilian students who seem preoccupied with "unimportant" matters such as cars and fashion. Many veterans also struggle "unlearning" skills that were necessary for survival in combat zones. The brochures linked below also offer helpful information.

Post-Deployment Resources

PTS: (Post Traumatic Stress)
TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Quick guide - TBI