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Women and Gender Studies

Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

Major in Women and Gender Studies

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The Women and Gender Studies major was created to ensure that students will hone their craft in three areas:

  • Research. WST majors are immersed in research training and are expected to graduate with strong research skills.
  • Policy. WST majors are encouraged to think critically about women’s experiences, inclusion or exclusion, and to prepare for work in the policy arena.
  • Empowerment. WST majors are empowered through leadership studies and immersive course work to become leaders in their communities, both globally and locally.

Required core courses include WST 101 Intro to Women and Gender Studies,  WST 01 Voice and Advocacy, International Relations and Gender, and WST 102 Readings in WST.  Beyond the required core courses for the major, students are invited to select a scholarship “path” to complete elective  units in the major. Five elective paths have been designed to create a truly interdisciplinary experience drawing on coursework from multiple disciplines and departments.

“Paths”, and possible classes designated within those paths, are listed below:

Highlighted Classes

This highly interdisciplinary major offers many interesting classes that fall at the intersection of multiple disciplines and topics. While new classes are offered routinely, some examples are: