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Women and Gender Studies

Undergraduate Bachelor Programs


Gender is a prism.

It is a category of analysis that we can use in order to see the world more clearly. Have you ever wondered why there is a gender wage gap? Why fewer women are elected to public office? Answers to these questions are unearthed when we interrogate concepts such as power, identity and privilege. Gender is a prism through which women’s issues, the social construction of femininities and masculinities, the gendered dimensions of work, and a myriad of other social dynamics, are refracted.

This program will make you a better critical thinker. It will sharpen your research skills. It will transform you into a more thoughtful leader. It will open future possibility.

About the Program

The Women and Gender Studies (WST) major offers an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and critical understanding of women and gender as they relate to power and the practice of leadership. Courses focus on the intellectual, political, and cultural life of those who identify as women in a variety of social, geographic, and historical contexts. This major provides students with a strong theoretical and empirical background in women and gender studies with particular focus on understanding the intersection between gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, culture, and nation.

The program has robust research methods training, but also emphasizes women as agents of social change through leadership and policy making. The interdisciplinary nature of the major exposes students to a diversity of empirical and theoretical approaches to women’s studies.

Co-Curricular Opportunities for Majors

The WST major connects students with our new Voice and Action (VAC) living/learning community on the Chalon campus. VAC serves as a hub and catalyst for Women and Gender Studies, leadership, and student engagement in Los Angeles and across the globe. Workshops, sit-ins, awareness campaigns that utilize our Makers Space, and a Women and Leadership speaker series are just some of the activities that VAC residents will benefit from and help coordinate.

Our Women’s Leadership office has a long standing relationship with Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN), the only national non-profit dedicated to preparing college women for leadership in public policy. A number of scholarships to attend PLEN seminars on various public policy topics are set aside for WST majors.

Undergraduate research opportunities and research assistant opportunities are available through the Center for the Advancement of Women, the GWSTEM Honors Program, the Center for Global Initiative’s Borderlands Project, and the Department of History and Political Science.

Overall, the WST major reflects the Mount’s mission to develop and support those who identify as women on their path to becoming changemakers.

More to Explore

Voice and Action Living Learning Community

The Center for the Advancement of Women, the Division of Student Affairs, and the Women and Gender Studies program are offering a living learning residential experience for students with academic interests in gender justice advocacy. Voice and Action Community (VAC) residents represent the values of the university and exemplify what it means to be an unstoppable and determined member of society. VAC is the perfect home for anyone looking to join a thriving community full of dedicated students who are interested in policy, political science, civic engagement and advocacy, law, social justice, and community engagement. Residents will be eligible for additional $2,500 housing scholarships.