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US and Mexican Border Project

Selected students from POL154: United States/Mexican Relations, taught by Dr. Lia Roberts, and SOC185: Global Development spent a weekend camping in Potrero County Park, San Diego, approximately three miles north of the Tijuana border. This collective and empowering experience was crafted to give women the opportunity to: (a) engage in and with border communities via service learning; and (b) begin to understand divisive immigration issues. Students were grouped into “border project teams,” which assisted with preparing and serving meals, organizing transportation, arranging guest speakers, and creating community linkages for future sustainable partnerships. To better understand the complex lives of border communities, the following curricular components were covered in both classes, with a special emphasis placed on the fifth element: (1) Understanding “Them and Us;” (2) Historical Roots of the Border; (3) NAFTA’s Impact; (4) First Crossing; (5) Life on the Border.

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