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Welcome to the Sociology Department at Mount Saint Mary’s University

The Department of Sociology at Mount Saint Mary’s University applies a human rights framework as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations (1948) to examine social behavior in many contexts, including the family, the community, and the workplace, at the local, regional, national, and global levels.

The Sociology major, which offers six areas of specialization (see descriptions of each, below), directly prepares students for a range of specific careers and excellent graduate school preparation. The major challenges students to become leaders and advocates for human rights in their communities and in their professions. The human rights principles of dignity and equality in all respects for all human beings is infused throughout the curriculum. This value-added dimension, which is a unique feature of our program, puts you on the cutting edge of local to global social issues and the human rights challenges of our times, while preparing you for excellent careers in such fields as criminology, social services, medical social work, communications, family or school counselors, and others.

Our department faculty get to know all of our students individually, mentoring them throughout their academic experience at the Mount. We will help you explore career options, succeed in research work, and find the right internships that will provide valuable hands-on experience and networking. The Sociology major is an excellent foundation for a variety of careers in social work and social services, public and urban policy, the criminal justice system, healthcare management, communications, public relations, human resources, mediation and negotiation, and more. In addition, we have carefully designed the major to optimally prepare you for graduate school and a high percentage of our students are accepted into some of the premier universities in the nation, such as Columbia University, USC, UCLA, American University, and UC Berkeley.

The faculty of the department very much look forward to working with you! Feel free to contact me personally if you are interested in learning more about our dynamic major.

haldeman-p(1)Dr. Pam Haldeman
Chair, Department of Sociology

Five Specialization Options in Sociology

Specialization One: Human Rights: Addresses the fundamental challenges of population growth, migration, cultural diffusion and environmental change, through the lens of human rights advocacy. A range of topics are explored, including poverty, child labor, children of war, women's rights, economic development, healthcare, and the intersection of religion, politics, economics and culture.

Specialization Two: Medical Sociology: Recommended for those interested in careers in health and human services, medical social work, case management of healthcare resources, and other healthcare-related professions. Work settings include hospitals, health management organizations, rehabilitation centers, hospices, and other healthcare agencies.

Specialization Three: Communications: Basic theories and practice of communication through mass media are examined, along with hands-on practice using a variety of tools, including video production, sound and film editing, and web newscasting. Provides a good foundation for careers in the media or virtually any other career in which media communication skills are necessary and important.

Specialization Four: Social Services: Prepares students for careers in social service agencies, providing a foundation of understanding of development of the life course, and basic skills necessary for working with people in the helping professions. Good preparation for advanced study in social work.

Specialization Five: Family Relations: For students interested in working with couples and families in a variety of clinical settings. Prepares students for advanced studies in marriage and the family.

Degree Requirements