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Human Rights Education

A cornerstone of the mission of the Film and Social Justice Program at Mount Saint Mary’s University is to promote and advance social justice and human rights understanding and advocacy.

All film students are required to take an introductory human rights course, and throughout the program many film courses are infused with human rights analysis and perspectives.

This extensive exposure to contemporary social justice issues through a human rights lens significantly informs our students' creative work in meaningful ways. For example, students have produced PSAs for non-profit organizations in the region. They have advanced advocacy of human rights through documentary productions, such as on workers' rights, children's rights, and environmental rights, which are all a part of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our infusion of human rights education serves as a foundation for graduates' professional and civic lives. There is a distinction to be made between the Mount Film, Media & Social Justice Program and any other film program in the country. Experienced professionals in the world of media understand this distinction and speak highly of it.

Be passionate about your career goals and combine that passion with stepping up and advocating for human rights in the world.