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Social Work

Undergraduate Bachelor Programs


Meet the educators who will help you achieve your dream of earning a degree in social work from Mount Saint Mary’s University. An interesting factor across our entire team: each faculty member is an alumna of the Mount. 

The MSMU Social Work degree program places a heavy emphasis on student-centered pedagogy. With the focus on the student learning and growth, an eclectic pedagogy that includes an intellectual, culturally relevant, psychosocial developmental framework allows our faculty the ability to address the cognitive and social needs of our students.

In addition, a backwards design framework which incorporates scaffolding, cooperative learning, high-impact practices, and a constructivist lens encompasses the formal curriculum design of the program. The overall goal of the curriculum is to produce social workers who are independent and self-regulated learners who possess competence of skills.  The Social Work Department at MSMU also infuses Human Rights Education and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) into the curriculum. Students are well-versed in identifying violations and how to be a human rights defender. 

Assistant Professor, Coordinator, Director of Honors Program, Social Work
Department Chair, Instructor, Counseling Psychology, Social Work


  • Alex Rand, MS
  • Michelle Castelo-Alferes, Ed.D, MSW
  • Selena Barajas-Ledesma, Ed.D, MSW
  • Miranda Daniel, MBA, LCSW
  • Vianney Vasquez, LCSW
  • John Bwarie
  • Marielle Sallo, Ed.D