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Social Work

Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

Welcome to the Department of Social Work

Advocating and caring for the most vulnerable in our society is the driving force behind social work. It is also central to the mission of our founding Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, who have long upheld social justice values by advocating for those in need.

The Department of Social Work at Mount Saint Mary’s University welcomes all who share in the mission of serving others. Our Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) degree program prepares students for both careers in social work and graduate studies.


Pursing a Degree in Social Work

Social work is a highly rewarding, client-centered profession with a strong focus on advocacy, assuring that services and resources needed by clients are provided to them.

Social workers provide counseling; crisis intervention; diagnosis, evaluation and assessment of a client's status and needs; and resource referral. Social workers serve in a variety of settings providing either direct care or acting as referral agents for clients. Service areas include substance abuse rehabilitation, healthcare, housing, eldercare, adoption services, foster care, or grief counseling.

Social workers serve in city, county, state, or federal agencies, as well as in non-profit organizations such as schools, hospitals, mental health centers, corrections facilities and other health and human services settings. Demand for social workers is high and is projected to continue its growth path.

While many graduates immediately enter the workforce with their Mount degrees, many more continue on to social work graduate studies. Indeed, a high percentage of our alumnae are admitted to some of the most prestigious universities in the field, including Columbia University, New York University, USC, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and many more. In addition, Mount alumnae have found fulfilling careers at non-profit social service agencies, health clinics, Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles Unified School District, and the State of California’s Department of Child and Family Services and Department of Mental Health.

An Unstoppable MSMU Education

When you choose to pursue a degree in social work, you’ll gain an education focused on social justice founded on a classical liberal arts education. A cornerstone of our program is to promote and advance social justice and human rights understanding and advocacy. Our courses infuse human rights education and incorporate experiential learning, where you’ll go into the real world as part of your curriculum. (Your education will include a full-year internship at places like non-profit social services organizations and government agencies.)

In the end, our goal as educators is to ensure our students learn to advocate for their communities and gain the knowledge and experience necessary to become change agents for the world of tomorrow.

We’re seeking students who share in our mission to help others and thereby help change our society to a more just place. We encourage you to contact us to explore our program and learn more about your career options when you earn your degree in Social Work from Mount Saint Mary’s University.

Dr. Amanda Romero, Ed.D., MSW
Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Social Work | 310.954.4223

Dr. Michelle Melendres, Ed.D., MSW
Associate Professor, Department of Social Work | (310) 954-4206

Explore the Program

Please note that the MSMU B.S. Social Work Program is not currently CSWE accredited. It is WASC accredited. For more information, please contact the Department Chair.