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Social Justice and Sexual Diversity Minor

This minor provides students an opportunity to examine sexual diversity and religious discourse through the lens of Social Justice, as expressed in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition.  Sexual diversity manifests itself in various forms of identity, expression, gender, and embodiment.  Hence, this minor weaves affirmation of sexual diversity with the themes of Social Justice: human dignity, rights and responsibilities; solidarity and community with the marginalized; and stewardship of creation.  The methodology is praxis-based and interdisciplinary, and provides opportunities for local and global advocacy by and for the sexually marginalized.

Required Courses (18 Units):

  • Social Justice and Sexual Diversity (3)
  • Sacred Texts (3)
  • Religion/ Religions (3)
  • Social Justice (3)
  • Electives (6): (3) units in lower division courses and (3) units in upper division courses

For a complete list of courses and their descriptions, please see our catalog.

SJSD Requirements Flyer