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Religious Studies

Protect Ukraine Vs Nuclear War Flier

Protect Ukraine and Prevent Nuclear War

Can we do both?


When students ask me, “Why should I major in Religious Studies? What can I do after I graduate?” I reply that if you want to be a teacher, double majoring in Education and Religious Studies will make you a better teacher. If you want to enter a career in health care, Religious Studies will give you valuable background into the beliefs and practices of diverse cultures. Similar responses can be made to all the majors here at the university. Double majoring in Religious Studies and other disciplines makes you a more intelligent and insightful person in your chosen profession. Religion and religious beliefs affect every part of our daily lives. Everywhere you go you have conversations on faith, religion, different religious beliefs and practices. Work, family, politics, food, music, media… religion intersects all of these and more to create interesting aspects of life. If you understand diverse religious traditions that affect individuals, cultures, and societies, you understand the world better.

  • Am I curious about the beliefs and practices of other religious traditions?
  • Do I want to learn more about the morals and ethics of other religious traditions?
  • What do I understand about gender, ethnicity, spirituality and culture and how these influence other religious traditions?
  • I am Catholic, but do I want to have an adult understanding of what being Catholic is all about?

Then a major in Religious Studies is for you. It is NOT about catechism anymore.

 So, why not APPLY NOW?

Become a Religious Studies major at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Our RST faculty want to meet you and introduce you to the diverse world of Religion. Make an appointment, stop by my office, let’s get a cup of coffee and have a chat. We welcome you and hope you become as excited about Religious Studies as we are. On behalf of the RST faculty and staff, “Welcome!” Dr. Laurie Wright-Garry, Chair, Religious Studies Department

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