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Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

Traditional Undergraduate Psychology

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The Traditional Undergraduate B.A. in Psychology Program helps students learn about how and why human beings act the way they do.

When students graduate from our program they are ready to serve their communities as informed citizens or go on to pursue graduate school opportunities. We prepare students with a curriculum that emphases the breadth and depth of psychological theory, which is aligned to the standards from the American Psychological Association. Additionally, all of our students are required to engage in hands-on learning in either a practicum where students serve in underserved areas of Los Angeles or in research labs doing basic and/or applied research.

Interested in Earning Your Psychology Degree at the Mount?

We support students throughout our program with personal academic advising sessions, and we welcome questions from students interested in pursuing a major or minor with us. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions that you may have.

Our Mission

The psychology major guides students through scientific methods, theoretical approaches, and practical applications in the study of human behavior and mental processes.  Grounded in the Mount's mission and the liberal arts tradition, the Psychology department is committed to employing innovative and evidence-based teaching to empower individuals to become socially responsible global citizens. With exposure to the basic and applied fields of psychology, students develop, practice, and/or engage in:

  • Professional communication skills
  • Scientific inquiry and critical thinking
  • Ethically solving complex social problems in a diverse world
  • Career exploration and preparation
  • Leadership development and service in the surrounding communities

Bachelor of Arts Degree Requirements

54 Total Units

Foundation Courses

9 units total

  • PSY 001: Introduction to Psychology (3 units)
  • PSY 125: Basic Communication Skills (3 units)
  • PSY 103: Applied Psychology (3 units)
  • PSY 187: Careers in Psychology (3 units)

Methods Courses

12 units total

  • PSY 040 - Basic Statistical Methods (3 units)
  • PSY 106 - Basic Research Methods (3 units)
  • PSY 106L - Basic Research Methods Lab (3 units) 
  • Experiential Methods Course  
    • PSY 155 - Psychological Testing (3 units)
    • PSY 167A - Psychological Methods Special Topics (3 units)

Knowledge Base Courses

15 units total

One course required in each of the following 5 areas of study:

1. Sociocultural (3 units)

  • PSY 145: Social Psychology (3 units)
  • PSY 159: Social Psychology & Society (3 units)
  • PSY 167B: Sociocultural Knowledge Base Special Topics (1-3 units)

2. Cognitive (3 units)

  • PSY 161: Cognitive Psychology (3 units)
  • PSY 134: Learning and Memory Processes (3 units)
  • PSY 160: Cognition and Perception (3 units)
  • PSY 167C: Cognition Knowledge Base Special Topics (1-3 units)

3. Developmental (3 units)

  • PSY 012: Lifespan/Human Development (3 units)
  • PSY 102: Issues in Human Development (3 units)
  • PSY 013: Child Development (3 units)
  • PSY 128: Adulthood and Aging (3 units)
  • PSY 167D: Developmental Knowledge Base Special Topics (1-3 units)

4. Biological (3 units)

  • PSY 052: Biological Psychology (3 units)
  • PSY 157: Brain and Behavior (3 units)
  • PSY 167E: Biological Knowledge Base Special Topics (1-3 units)

5. Mental/Physical Health (3 units)

  • PSY 168: Abnormal Psychology (3 units)
  • PSY 122: Health Psychology (3 units)
  • PSY 101: Counseling Theories (3 units)
  • PSY 132: Personality Theory (3 units)
  • PSY 156: Personality and Adjustment (3 units)
  • PSY 167F: Mental/Physical Health Knowledge Base Special Topics (1-3 units)


3 units total

  • PSY 192: Practicum (3 units)
  • PSY 193: Research Apprenticeship (0-3 units) 


3 units total

  • PSY 190: Workshop (1-3 units)
  • PSY 195: Capstone (3 units)

Applied Elective Courses

12 units total

  • Students must take 12 units of upper division psychology courses. These applied courses cannot count towards other psychology requirements.

Total Units

Total Units for Major: 54 units

*PSY 1 is a prerequisite to all other psychology courses.

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Use the MSMU-UCLA cross-enrollment option to take a course at UCLA. Please contact us for more information about cross-enrollment with UCLA.