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BA/MS Cross Enrollment

Get ahead!

Pursue master's level units while simultaneously completing requirements for the bachelor's degree.  

Students who are looking ahead toward careers or post-baccalaureate education in psychology may wish to consider the bachelor’s degree/master’s degree Cross Enrollment program offered by the Graduate Psychology Department at Mount Saint Mary’s University.

Cross Enrollment provides Mount undergraduate students with the opportunity to register into graduate psychology courses without formal admission to the graduate psychology program – in a maximum of one MSMU Graduate course per semester on a space-available basis.

It’s a great way to check out what it’s like to be a graduate student (academic culture, expectation, rigor, etc.) while taking courses that meet your bachelor degree requirements! 

Plus, when you consider a master's degree early on, you can save time and money – and put two degrees on your résumé.

Note: Undergraduate/Graduate Psychology cross-listed courses completed at MSMU count for graduate credit at MSMU’s Graduate Psychology Program only.


To be eligible for cross enrollment, you must meet the following requirements:

  1.  Be a current junior or senior at Mount Saint Mary’s University.
  2.  Completed at least 60 units by the end of the summer semester prior to fall enrollment.
  3.  Be currently enrolled for a minimum of 9 units for the effective semester.
  4.  Earned a minimum grade point average of 3.00 (grade of B) on most recent 30 semester units.
  5.  Completed appropriate academic preparation as determined by Graduate Psychology Director.

NOTE: Students may participate in Cross Enrollment in the fall or spring semesters only. Cross Enrollment is not offered in the summer.

Application Procedures

  1. Print the Application for Cross Enrollment
  2. Complete the form and sit with an undergraduate psychology advisor to discuss course availability and approval.
  3. Secure approval from Undergraduate Advisor and Graduate Psychology Director.
  4. Submit form to the Registrar’s Office for verification.
    The verification process can take up to 5 working days to be completed.

Let's Talk

You have questions, we have answers! Whether your question is brief or complex, we’re here to help.

If you would like to learn more about Cross Enrollment, feel free to contact:

TUG Psychology Director
Michelle Samuel
Phone: 310-954-4158

WEC Program Director 
Evelyn Oyuela-Kowalski
Phone: 213-234-9840

Graduate Psychology Director 
Shani Habibi, PhD
Phone: 213-477-2895

If you would like to learn more about Graduate Admissions, feel free to contact:

Office of Graduate Admissions 
Meghan Nevarez 
Phone: 213-477-2800