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Discover Many Career Opportunities with a Psychology Degree

At Mount Saint Mary’s University, our mission is to develop graduates who will use their knowledge of psychology to improve the community around them.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our Psychology degree program. Our alumnae go on to varied and meaningful careers helping others as a lifetime passion.

Many graduates continue their educations in clinical or research programs at UCLA, Pepperdine, USC, Claremont Graduate University and MSMU. In many cases, these students focus on psychology or social work graduate degree programs like masters or doctorates. 

Many other graduates work in related health fields, including medical school programs, physician assistant programs, dental programs, nursing programs, and physical, speech, and occupational therapy programs.

Your degree in Psychology from Mount Saint Mary’s University opens an amazing world of career possibilities to you. Begin your application today.

To learn more about careers in Psychology, follow the link below:

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