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Welcome to Psychology!

Have you ever wondered...

  • Why you can vividly remember your tenth birthday party but not what you wore last Tuesday?
  • If it's better to suppress thoughts of a painful break-up or to talk about it?
  • Why some drugs, like nicotine and cocaine, are so addictive?

These are the kinds of questions psychology can help you answer!

Why major in psychology at Mount Saint Mary’s University?
  • Small classes with individual attention and peer collaboration
  • Dedicated, caring, approachable faculty with diverse interests and expertise
  • Specialty courses covering current issues (e.g., health, sexuality, technology)
  • Practical career and graduate school preparation
  • Hands-on experience (the only local program that requires a practicum, giving you real work experience in psychology)
  • Opportunities to engage in meaningful research
  • Thorough preparation in the entire field of psychology (other local programs only require partial coverage)
  • The chance to double major or minor in another subject and still graduate in 4 years
  • More than half of our students (more than the national average) continue on to graduate school
  • The chance to make a difference in the world!

Feel free to contact me at if you would like to learn more about the Psychology Department and our programs!

I look forward to talking with you!

Dr. Robin Bishop
Chair, Psychology Department
Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles

Mission Statement

The Psychology Department at Mount Saint Mary’s University is teaching-oriented and student focused. Our goals for students, and our curriculum, reflect our concern that students have a broad knowledge base in psychology. This program prepares majors to develop as strong critical thinkers, researchers, exemplary communicators, informed and participatory citizens, and effective leaders. We value the ethical application of psychology in counseling settings, in the research laboratory, and as part of community service. The mission of the Psychology Department is to prepare our students to pursue advanced study, or to apply psychological knowledge in a variety of

Degree Requirements