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Political Science

Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

Political Science is a Study of Power.

Who has it, when, and why. We seek to understand the consequences of power structures across cultures, institutions, and political actors. In this time of unparalleled change, understanding power - and politics -is key to successfully engaging the world around us.

Our goal is to challenge our students to become - and to continue becoming -exceptional leaders.


Our Commitment To You

We are committed to providing students with a superior education through challenging and innovative course work, skills-building instruction, exposure to professional methods, and unique opportunities to gain experience beyond the classroom through inter-collegiate competitions, student debates, undergraduate research experiences, travel-study opportunities and internships.

Our more popular courses include Revolutions and Social Movements, Terrorism and Political Violence, the Presidency, US Party Politics, Women and HealthCare in California, and Health and Human Rights. 

We invite you to explore our concentration in Public Policy, and our minor programs as well, which include Pre-Law, International Relations, and Women's Studies. Our Pre-law students often participate – and win! - in Mock Trial and Moot Court competitions

We also host an exciting and unique honors program that focuses on fieldwork, international travel and developing undergraduate research skills- the Global Women in STEM and Policy (GWSTEM) Honors Program.

Our faculty are dedicated to helping you become a well-rounded scholar and leader. Whether you are thinking about law school, public policy, healthcare policy, politics, community organizing, teaching, international development or careers in human rights – we have expert faculty ready to help you build a career and reach for the stars

Our overarching aim is to create engaged and informed citizens who are capable of effectively participating in, and contributing to, the society in which they live, armed with the skills and confidence to take on leadership roles.

We have a dynamic department with students engaging the world. We hope you will explore what we have to offer.

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