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Political Science

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Political Science

Welcome to Political Science!

mount rushmore - 4 american presidents

Our Department is committed to providing students with a superior education through challenging and innovative course work, skills-building instruction, exposure to professional methods, and unique opportunities to gain experience beyond the classroom through inter-collegiate competitions, student debates, travel opportunities and internships.

All our faculty have PhDs in political science and we are united around our goal to serve our students by preparing them well for graduate school, law school or the work place. We invite you to explore our minor programs as well, which include Pre-Law, International Relations, and Women's Studies. Additionally, through our Department's clubs, the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-law Society, the International Relations Club and Pi Gamma Mu, we see to it that our students experience the power of association and learn firsthand how to run organizations and affect change.

Our overarching aim is to create engaged and informed citizens who are capable of effectively participating in, and contributing to, the society in which they live, armed with the skills and confidence to take on leadership roles.

We have a dynamic department with students getting ready to take on the world. We hope you will explore what we have to offer.

Lia Roberts, PhD, Professor, Department Chair, History, Political Science

PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara, Department of Political Science
MA, University of Tennessee, Department of Political Science
BA, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, Department of Political Science

Degree Requirements