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Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

Why Study Philosophy

Wrestle Down Alligators! 
Philosophy is the field for grappling with all those questions that gnaw at the soul, cut to the quick, make us look at who we are, call us to examine our lives, and help us reflect on what we owe to ourselves, to each other, and to the world.

Think Big, Without Losing Sight Of Details!
Philosophy is global in scope and even abstract at times; but helps build higher-order thinking skills. It is often illuminating in giving us techniques and insights for finding meaning and putting our lives in order.

Clarify Values And Beliefs! 
Philosophy helps us look at what we believe in, why we think as we do, and how philosophers have approached such issues as good vs. evil, justice vs. injustice, freedom vs. determinism, and so on.

Acquire Tools For Learning! 
Philosophy gives us the tools to think more clearly, to look more deeply and thoughtfully at the world, to organize our thoughts, to process all the information bombarding us, to be able to set out positions that are defensible and well-thought out, and to be more reflective individuals.

Become A More Well-Rounded Person
no matter what your career goal, field of study, or individual interests. Furthermore, it has value for its own sake: finding meaning in what we do and how we live with one another is inherently worthwhile.

What does Philosophy at the Mount have to offer?

Lots of Attention! 
The nice thing about a private college like Mount St. Mary's is that we have small classes, a wide variety of course choices to suit just about every philosophical interest, and a faculty devoted to teaching.

Qualified instructors, Not Teaching Assistants! 
Students in our Philosophy courses are taught by professors who have at least a Master's degree in Philosophy if not more advanced study. Our faculty in the Philosophy Department care deeply about the students and creating a learning environment in their classes that builds skills for success.

Friendly, Supportive Classes!
The truth is: Mount students and faculty are just plain nice, if not downright nifty people! We are not snooty, cold, distant, or elitist— quite the contrary. We strive to have classes that are interesting to attend, carefully-thought out courses with quality readings.

High-Level Pedagogy! 
Our courses are well constructed, with faculty working with the Department Chair and other members of the department to develop a quality course. This means varied assignments, individual and group projects, with assignments and class discussions structured to develop your critical thinking skills and help you strengthen your speaking and writing skills.

How About a Major in Philosophy?

Pick the Right Track for You
A major in Philosophy can elect to follow a more traditional route to the degree (recommended for those seeking a graduate degree in Philosophy) or the applied-philosophy route (recommended for those going into law, Bioethics, or interdisciplinary fields related to Philosophy).

Will Philosophy work as a Double Major? 
By all means! It’s a great idea if you’ve already got a major that’s working well for you, but love Philosophy to just take it on as a double major. Not only does it enrich your undergraduate education, it looks great when you apply for a job or for graduate school! For example, some of our double majors are: Philosophy & Political Science, Philosophy & Art, Philosophy & English Literature, and Philosophy & Biochemistry.