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Career Opportunities and Outcomes

Career Opportunities and Outcomes

Philosophy helps us develop analytical skills and helps us become better thinkers and writers. This is very useful for many fields of study.

A number of our majors in Philosophy have a double major in another field (such as Political Science with a pre-law emphasis, or Business with a business-ethics emphasis, or Art, with an Aesthetics emphasis).


Career links with a Philosophy degree:

  • College or university teaching
  • Bioethicist in Hospital or Consulting Business Ethics
  • Corporate Consulting Writing, publishing, editing
  • Law professor or Attorney
  • Medicine and Scientific Research
  • Computer Programming and Systems Analysis
  • Business Administration
  • Script Writing, Film Editor
  • Doctor or Medical Researcher
  • Paralegal or Legal Researcher
  • Culture Studies
  • Women's Studies

What kind of jobs does Philosophy prepare me for?

Philosophy Builds Analytical Skills!
This is especially good for advanced work in the field of Philosophy, for applied areas like Bioethics and Business Ethics, and for fields like Education, Law, Public Policy, Medicine, Biology, Logic, Computer-related fields, the Publishing Industry, and Business Administration.

Philosophy Helps Us Be More Reflective
This is especially good for work in Theology, study for the Ministry, World Religions And Spirituality, Comparative Religion And Mythology, Social Work, And Lay Ministry. Philosophy Gives Us The Tools To Examine Our Society This is especially good for advanced work in Media Studies, Popular Culture, Women's Studies, Ethnic Studies, American Studies, and Social Ethics and Policy.

Philosophy Builds Critical Thinking and Writing Skills
This is especially good for getting a teaching credential, for work in editing and publishing, for writing for newspapers, magazines, and journals.

Philosophy Fuels The Imagination!
This is especially good for creative thinking areas like Aesthetics, Museum Curators, advanced work in Art and Education, and Advertising.

What Philosophy Courses Can I Take at the Mount?

Good Foundation Courses
Our lower division courses include Critical Thinking and Intro to Logic, Challenges of Philosophy, Moral Values, and Business Ethics. All are offered at a variety of times, so they conveniently fit with your schedule.

A Wide range of Excellent Upper Division Classes
After one lower division Philosophy course (or in the case of Bioethics and Contemporary Moral Problems and Business Ethics, any Ethics course), you can take our upper division classes.

Upper Division Philosophy at the Mount
The range includes such courses as Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, American Philosophy, Existentialism, Marxism, Social and Political Philosophy, Metaphysics, Theory of Knowledge, Symbolic Logic, Women and Values, Philosophy of Women, Scientific Method, Philosophy of Literature, Philosophy of Film, Philosophy of Art, Philosophy of Law, Contemporary Moral Problems, Bioethics, Ethics and Film, Business Ethics, Philosophy and Native Cultures, and Philosophy and Technology.

Advisor, Consultant,  or Teacher Hospitals Universities & Colleges Learn ethical theory and applied ethics, develop speaking skills, & develop critical writing skills.
Business Ethics
Consultant to industry Teacher Business or industry, University or college Develop analytical skills & get solid basis in ethics.
Lawyer, Law Professor, Paralegal or Journalist Law firms, Universities, and colleges Develop analytical skills, get strong basis in logic, develop critical writing & reading comprehension.
Computer Programming
Programmer, Web master,  Artificial Intelligence,  or Researcher Educational institutions, industry, Computer firms, Industry & Government Develop analytical skills, build a strong base in logic & critical thinking.
Editor, Production Asst. Publisher Educational media Develop reading comprehension, analytical skills, & critical writing skills.
Religion and Theology
Ministry Theologian Church or Temple, University, or College Build broad basis of philosophy & develop reflective writing skills.
Teaching University or College Develop speaking and writing skills & analytical abilities. Get solid foundation for graduate school.

- developed by Dr. W. Teays, Mount Saint Mary’s University