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Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

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Philosophy is Who We Are And What We Do

Whatever we do, wherever we are, whenever we think, we are in one way or another doing philosophy. The Department of Philosophy at Mount Saint Mary’s University seeks to reflect this everywhere nature of philosophy, keeping in mind that philosophy is oftentimes hidden from plain sight and needs reasoning skills to bring them to light. We are a tightly focused department, and we welcome students who are interested in looking deeper, investigating further, and finding out the foundations of the world that we experience.

We have small class sizes taught by a team of dedicated professors (not teaching assistants) who love to work with students, and our course offerings openly champion the diversity and differences of experience our students bring to the Mount. We offer two major tracks (theoretical or applied) and a minor, and we are also proud to house the Ethnic Studies minor. We offer a program for understanding the world, self-discovery, and we also offer a solid foundation for your future. Our department develops those skills and techniques to logically think through problems and to critically assess whatever situation that comes your way (the number one characteristic sought by employers? It’s not necessarily previous experience, but the ability to think critically). Committed to the larger liberal arts experience, we also welcome students majoring in other disciplines to create a strong and valuable Philosophy double major.

We would love to meet and talk with you about the department. Contact the Admissions Office, or better yet, contact me. Email me at to set up an appointment.

Alumni Snapshot

I feel very proud to say that I've earned a bachelor's degree from Mount St. Mary's. I think it was a very unique experience and not a lot of people can say that they attend an all-women's college where women are empowered.