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Alejandra Arreola

I feel very proud to say that I've earned a bachelor's degree from Mount St. Mary's. I think it was a very unique experience and not a lot of people can say that they attend an all-women's college where women are empowered.

Greetings from the Philosophy Department Chair!

“Why study Philosophy here at Mount Saint Mary’s University, Los Angeles,” you might ask. Well, let me explain. We are a small, but mighty department.

Our faculty love to teach and focus their energy on our students. Mind you, some students are drawn to mega-universities with more people than they can possibly meet.

Others prefer a well-respected, small Liberal arts college where people meet and greet you, and are happy to see you’re a member of our community of learners. That’s us!

Here’s what we have to offer you as a student of Philosophy:

  • Two track major (theoretical vs. applied) = Courses tailored to your needs and interests
  • Small classes + Dedicated instructors = Great learning environment
  • Diverse range of interesting classes = Stimulating for your brain
  • Enthusiastic group of majors/minors = Wonderful teammates
  • Classes taught by the pros not teaching assistants = Solid foundation for career growth
  • Chance to build your skills and abilities = Chance to become the best thinker you can be

Come see for yourself. Contact our Admissions Department or, better yet, contact me!

I’d be delighted to meet you and talk to you about our department, our major, and minor.

Email me at or phone: 310-954-4290 to set up an appointment.

Dr. Peter Tan, Chair, Philosophy Department