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Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

LVN to RN Option

A non-degree R.N. option is available for applicants licensed as LVN’s in California. After completing 26 units of prescribed courses, the student is eligible to take the California examination for the R.N. Licensure. The student is not a graduate of the BSN Program and does not receive a Degree. This option is available in any of the pre-licensure programs at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Practice as a Registered Nurse with a CA license outside the State of California may be limited.


1. Hold a current and clear L.V.N. license. Applicants must submit a photocopy of current L.V.N. license.

2. Notify the Department of Nursing Admissions Office by the first week in February that you wish to be considered for the thirty-unit option program.

3. Complete the health form, required immunizations, and drug screening.

4. Have current CPR certification American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) Healthcare Provider

5. Have a current Fire and Safety Card

6. Carry student malpractice insurance

7. Successful completion of Criminal Background as outlined in Clinical Policies (4.9).

8. Successfully complete, challenge or transfer Physiology 4U and Microbiology 4U comparable to such courses required for licensure Units as a registered nurse.

9. Nursing Courses:

  • NUR 134 - Evidence-Based Practice (3 Units)
  • NUR 168 - Integrative Theory/Practice (1.5 Units)
  • NUR 169 - Palliative Care (1.5 Units)
  • NUR 170 - Adult Medical Surgical II (4.5 Units)
  • NUR 171 - Childbearing Families/And Women’s Health (4.5 Units)
  • NUR 172 - Children and Families (4.5 Units)
  • NUR 173 - Mental Health (4.5 Units)
  • NUR 184 - Leadership/Health Policy (4.5 Units)
  • NUR 185 - Gerontology (5 Units)
  • NUR 186 - Transition to Professional Practice (4.5 Units)
  • NUR 187 - Community/Public Health (4.5 Units)
  • NUR 188 - Advanced Health Assessment (2 Units)

10. When admitted to the nursing program and before starting clinical rotations, the L.V.N. student will be evaluated both clinically and academically. This testing will be solely for the purpose of identifying the need for remediation and will not be used to determine admission to the program.

If you are interested in applying for admission to the LVN to RN program, please visit Undergraduate Admissions for more information.