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Undergraduate Bachelor Programs


The Department of Music at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles offers students a number of creative ways to express their love for music.  All Music Department Ensembles fit easily into an 18 credit full time schedule.  Students can earn one academic credit for each ensemble or enroll for 0 units.   

 Discover the many opportunities for making music.

The Mount Chorus

The treble choral ensemble at MSMU, the Chorus welcomes students who love to sing from all disciplines across the campus. The Chorus performs an eclectic mix of repertoire written specifically for treble voices. Concerts encompass a wide spectrum of literature and styles including Hildegard von Bingen’s chant of the 12th century, classical women’s choral repertoire, musical theatre, jazz and world/folk music. The ensemble performs for campus events and at least once each semester in Mary Chapel on the Chalon Campus as well as in the Pompeian Room of the Doheny Mansion. 

The Mount Chorus has participated in collaborative performances with choirs including the Trinity University Chorus, San Antonio, Texas; St. Catherine’s University, St. Paul, Minnesota; Tesserae Baroque Ensemble, and most recently the Women’s Ensemble Capella Artemisia from Bologna, Italy. The Mount Chorus is dedicated to sharing music beyond the campus, believing that power resides in our collective song.

Checkout our performances on our YouTube Channel.

  • Rehearsal Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4:40PM-6:10PM Mary Chapel
  • Placement hearing required for NEW members
  • Students must register for MUS 19/119 0-1
  • Contact Dr. Therese Fassnacht, Conductor

The Mount Singers

This 4-6 member auditioned acapella ensemble performs with the Mount Chorus and are also called on to perform for special University events. The Singers perform a variety of styles of music, from Renaissance to Vocal Jazz. Singers are required to demonstrate vocal independence and strong musicianship.  Students from all disciplines are welcome to audition each semester. Selection requires that you are member of the Mount Chorus.

  • Rehearsal times are based on schedules of selected singers
  • Audition required for NEW members
  • Students must register for MUS 21-121 0-1
  • Contact Dr. Therese Fassnacht

The Chamber Music Ensemble

Chamber Music Ensembles are unconducted groups of three or more players, one person per part.  Groups and rehearsal times vary each semester. Small group collaborations establish essential foundations in musical communication and listening skills while providing rewarding music-making opportunities.  The Chamber Music Ensemble offers course credit towards undergraduate degree requirements.

Check out our performances on our YouTube Channel.

  • Rehearsal times vary each semester
  • Audition required
  • Students must register for MUS 23/123 0-1
  • Contact Dr. Xiao Chen

The Mount Bridge Orchestra

Do you play an instrument? Make music with Derrick Skye, MSMU’s Instrumental Ensembles Director. You’ll perform orchestral classics as well as Derrick’s original music compositions. And you’ll have the opportunity to rehearse and perform with his professional ensemble Bridge to Everywhere. Bass, cello, clarinet, drums, electric guitar, flute, ophicleide, piano, saxophone, and more are all welcome. You must be able to read music to participate.

Check out our performances on our YouTube Channel.

  • Rehearsal Schedule: Tues 6PM-9PM Hannon Theatre
  • Hearing required for NEW members
  • Students must register for MUS 60/160 0-1
  • Contact Derrick Skye, conductor

West African Music & Dance Ensemble

This class will immerse students in the music cultures from Ghana. By tradition, the word music is synonymous with dancing and singing. 

Students will participate in drumming, singing, and dancing traditional music from regional areas and the various ethnic groups from Ghana, West Africa that they belong to. In addition to learning this music, there will be discussions on various aspects of Ghanaian life and culture as it relates to music.

Check out our performances on our YouTube Channel.

  • Rehearsal Schedule: Thurs 6PM-8PM 
  • Students must register for MUS 161 0-1
  • Contact Yeko Ladzekpo-Cole, Instructor