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Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

Music Industry Minor

Gain and Expand Your Knowledge

A minor in music industry is available to music, business, and other majors who wish to gain and expand both theoretical and practical skills needed to work in the music industry.

This minor will be especially attractive to music students who want to acquire the business and legal knowledge necessary for success in the music industry and equally attractive to business students who need a greater understanding and appreciation of music to pursue careers in the music industry.


Music Industry Minor Course Requirements

  • MUS 131: Music Technology (2 units) 

Six Units From the Following:

  • MUS 153: Introduction to Music Industry (3 units)
  • MUS 149: The Business of Music (3 units)
  • BUS 145: Entrepreneurship (3 units)
    BUS 4 is a prerequisite for BUS 145
  • MUS 154: Music and Arts Entrepreneurship (3 units)

3 Units From the Following:

  • MUS 106: The Music Community: Exploring Sound and Meaning (3 units)
  • MUS 117: Women and Gender in Music (3 units)
  • MUS 116: Music Cultures of the World (3 units)
  • MUS 142: American Musical Theater (3 units)
  • MUS 120: Rock Communities (3 units)
  • MUS 124A: Survey of the History and Literature of Music (3 units)
  • MUS 124B: Surveys of the History and Literature of Music (3 units)
  • MUS 144: Mariachi Music (3 units)
  • MUS 145: Music and Violence (3 units)

Elective Courses

Complete 7 units from the following:

  • MUS 7: Voice Class (1 unit)
  • MUS 119: Mount Chorus (0-1 unit)
  • MUS 160: Mount Orchestra (0-1 unit)
  • MUS 161: West African Music & Dance Ensemble (0-1 unit)


  • MUS 165: Guitar Ensemble (0-1 unit)
  • MUS 170: Percussion Ensemble (0-1 unit)
  • MUS 155: Introduction to Songwriting (3 units)

Total: 21 Units

Become Unstoppable

The Mount is the perfect choice for a degree in music. Situated in the vibrant and diverse musical community of Los Angeles means virtually unlimited access to music in all its forms.

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