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Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

Scholarships and Resources

Opportunities Within the Mathematics Department

Mount Saint Mary’s University and the Department of Mathematics encourages all degree program students to apply for the following grants along with their standard FAFSA applications.

View some of the scholarship and program opportunities available to our students below.



S4 Grants

The United States needs a globally competitive STEM workforce. To that end, the National Science Foundation (NSF) established the Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics program (S-STEM). Its goal is to increase the number of academically talented, low-income students in STEM fields by awarding grants to help further their educational goals.

Mount Saint Mary’s University was first awarded an NSF S-STEM grant in 2016. Known as the S4 Grant (“Supporting STEM Scholars to Succeed), it provides financial support for eighteen science majors for four years. Each student receives up to $8500 in academic support annually. 

For more information on the Mount’s S4 Grant program, please contact your Admission counselor.

NOYCE Grants

For students that are interested in teaching, please consider the Noyce Program. This competitive program can provide students up to $10,025 per semester to complete their STEM degree and secondary credentialing. The scholarships are available to students that are either junior or senior standing, but there are additional opportunities to explore teaching in this program. For information, please contact your Admission counselor.


Applied Computing Series

The Mount's Applied Computing Series, initially funded and supported by Google, is a curriculum and platform designed to introduce students to computing and data sciences. It targets historically underrepresented populations like women and minorities. 

For more information, please view our Applied Computing Series page under the Computer Science Minor program website and contact your Admission counselor.

CS187 Internship

The internship will involve either getting acquainted with the IT system at the media center at MSMU, doing a CS research internship depending on availability, helping with organizing events such as robotics and coding workshops, or lab assistance (such as tutoring, helping with practical sessions). Students should ask their CS minor adviser what kind of internship is available for them.