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Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Earning Your Degree

Your Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Mount Saint Mary’s University is the highest achievement in our degree program.

You’ll study in small classes with dedicated educators who care about your outcome; engage with fellow students in classroom and independent study; and you’ll gain critical thinking skills that will serve you well into your professional career.


Thanks to the Mount’s small class sizes, you can earn your degree in four years without any summer school required. Classes are offered based on our established academic schedule (click the PDF button below). Looking to become a mathematics educator? Our four-year degree program offers an optional credential preparation program, so you’ll graduate ready to teach. Ask your Admission counselor for more information.

Take the first step to a career in mathematics. Apply today to Mount Saint Mary’s University.

Required Courses

Lower Division (26 units)

  • MTH 8: Transition to Higher Math
  • PHY 11A: Mechanics
  • PHY 11B: Electricity, Magnetism, and Optics
  • PHY 1BL: Introductory Physics Laboratory 

Students who can demonstrate their proficiency in any of the above courses may enroll in the next course in the sequence. Students who need further preparation in algebra, elementary functions or trigonometry should take MTH 7 and/or MTH 1 before MTH 5A.

Upper Division (18 units)

Electives (12 units from the following)

Total: 56 units