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Students sit around a table in the library with their homework

Greetings from the Mathematics Department!

You may wonder what you can do with a mathematics major (besides be a math teacher). Well, the actual answer is anything you want! There is a tremendous need in the workforce right now for people who have a background in mathematics, statistics, and/or computer science. 

A mathematics major will prepare you to
  • solve any problem,
  • use logic for math and other areas of life,
  • think critically, and
  • help other people to understand complicated ideas.

The mathematics program at Mount Saint Mary’s University will prepare you for a wide variety of mathematical careers in teaching or industry or for admission to graduate school. And if you do want to be a mathematics teacher, you will be able to graduate in four years with both your mathematics degree and your California teaching credential!

Here’s what we have to offer you as a Mathematics major:
  • small classes,
  • a close-knit community of mathematics lovers,
  • a schedule of classes that works for you, and
  • you will never have to worry about being the only female in your math class!

We also offer several minors: mathematics, computer programming, and computer information systems.

For more information, contact our Admissions Department or, better yet, contact me! I’d be delighted to meet you and talk to you about our department, our major, and minors.

cizmeciyan-d(1) Dr. Deniz Cizmeciyan
Professor & Co-Chair, Physical Sciences & Mathematics

Scholarship Opportunities!

  1. For students that will be entering for academic year 2017-2018, please consider the S4 Program. This competitive scholarship opportunity can provide up to $8,500 per year for students that will be entering the STEM workplace or pursuing further graduate education in STEM fields. For more information, please contact Dr. Afsane Arvand ( or Joshua Helston (
  2. For students that are interested in teaching, please consider the Noyce Program. This competitive program can provide students up to $10,025 per semester to complete their STEM degree and secondary credentialing. The Scholarships are available to students that are either junior or senior standing, but there are additional opportunities to explore teaching in this program. For information, please contact Dr. Carol Johnston ( or Irma Ravkic (

Degree Requirements