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Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

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Welcome to the Mathematics degree program at Mount Saint Mary’s University, where we apply scientific discipline to the world of liberal arts.

A degree in Mathematics from the Mount prepares you for a wide variety of careers, because the critical thinking our program engenders opens a vast array of professional options beyond the traditional ones like math instruction. Our graduates go on to earn advanced degrees in mathematics, statistics and engineering; many pursue careers as educators, scientists, programmers and analysts. 

Our focus on mathematics, statistics and in many cases computer science will give you the competitive edge in the employment marketplace. You’ll experience the existential power of solving complex problems, while developing important computational and analytical skills that will make them an asset in the workforce.

A key feature of a Mount Saint Mary’s University education is small class size, and that’s particularly true for Mathematics degree program candidates. You’ll experience class instruction as small as a handful of students, resulting in the highest levels of individualized instruction available anywhere today.

Plus, the Mount’s smaller population means you’ll be able to get the classes you need, when you need them, and graduate on time, saving you money and accelerating your opportunities in the professional market. 

We offer baccalaureate and minor degrees in Mathematics. For those seeking a career as a mathematics educator, we offer the option of earning your California teaching credential as part of your four-year degree program. Ask your Admission counselor for more information.

There’s nothing you can’t achieve when you study Mathematics at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Aim for the top, and we’ll help you prepare for your future success, today.


Our Department's Educational Philosophy

Based on the Mount’s mission, the Department of Mathematics employs innovative methods of instruction, research and service to allows our students to achieve their educational and career goals, while serving as socially responsible global citizens.