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Graduate Placement

See where you could be 10 years from now!

Here's where the Concurrent Program of Teacher Preparation has taken alum, Gloria Ramos Gonzalez.

Gloria Ramos Gonzalez, MEd Bilingual Reading Specialist/Consultant
Brilliant Minds Learning Academy
"Nurturing Young Minds To Reach Their Full Potential"

Holly Merryman (May 2011)

I am currently a 5th/6th grade teacher at ASSETS School in Honolulu. I work with a teaching partner who has been teaching at the school for 15 years. ASSETS is an independent school for gifted and/or dyslexic children which provides an individualized, integrated learning environment. It empowers the students to maximize their potential and to find their places as life-long learners in school and society.

All the knowledge and the relationships I have gained through the liberal studies program have helped me grow personally and academically. It has been the foundation to achieving my dream of being a teacher. . . . .I was able to learn both in and outside of the classroom about different perspectives and cultures, inspiring me to create my own views on these important areas of life. Though I came from a diverse society, the course I took at the Mount helped me open by mind to different perspectives.


Sue Ann Leavy (May 2011)

Master of Public Health Program at the University of San Francisco
Limited number of students accepted to the first cohort.

I am currently attending the University of San Francisco to receive my Masters in Public Health. I was formally introduced to public health when I was studying in South America. I immediately was attracted to the field and the opportunities to help a large number of people. Originally I saw myself working abroad in third world countries. However when I returned to the states to finish my BA and teaching credential I saw a need for public health in our own country. I think I would eventually like to return to teaching, hopefully focusing on health education and promotion. I find myself very intrigued in many different areas of public health, so I am excited to learn more about different field and find where I fit best!

Vivian Bercera (May 2011)

After-School Program and Volunteer Program Coordinator
Alexandria House—a Transitional Residence for Women and Children

I recently joined the Alexandria House Staff as the After School Program and Volunteer Coordinator. Alexandria House is a transitional residence for women and children and a neighborhood center. Graduating with a Liberal Studies major from Mount Saint Mary’s University has helped me reach my career goals. As an educator in the after school program, I am able to apply what I learned in my college classes as I work with the after School Program which helps kids with their homework and enriches their lives with new, fun and educational activities. I am excited to start my new position in September and to share what I have learned.

May 2011 Graduates, Diana Tran and Yvonne Lopez

MSMU Supervised Teaching
Two rotations at two different school sites in the Los Angeles area to complete Multiple Subject (Elementary) Credential requirements.

Kenia Rosa (May 2010)

WW-RBF Fellowship
Master of Arts Degree in Child and Adolescent Literacy at Loyola Marymount University

I want to give you a quick update. I was very fortunate and found a job with a local district as a tutor/mentor for foster youth. So far, I have been there four months and I totally love it! The kids I work with are awesome and I am doing something that is in education. I am currently attending LMU. I am going to get my masters in literacy and I am also going to get a reading certificate.


Karina Contreras

WW-RBF Fellowship
Masters of Arts Degree in Education; specialization—Special Education, Mild to Moderate at Loyola Marymount University

“Every single class I took at the Mount taught me something new about the world and myself. Because of my experiences at the Mount I am inspired to provide patient understanding and guidance for my future students. . .

One of the things I valued the most from my experience in the Liberal Studies Major was having a diverse group of peers. . . .My professors were also ethnically diverse and had the knowledge and experience that enabled them to create a stimulating learning environment. I graduated from the Mount with a liberal studies major and with the motivation to use my skills and knowledge to lead and serve others.

I am currently in my last year of graduate school at Loyola Marymount University. Building on the Elementary Education Program completed at the Mount, I am now studying Special Education and will complete the requirements for a Mild to Moderate Teaching Credential upon graduation.

With both the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential (from the Mount) and the Special Education Specialist Credential (from LMU), I plan to use the strategies and knowledge I have gained to effectively meet my students' learning and developmental needs. I want to be able to effectively accommodate and differentiate instruction for my students and facilitate access to the academic curriculum. Most of all I want to provide a safe learning environment encourage students to work toward their full potential.


Alicia Sterr (May 2009)

Alliance College Ready High School #7 in Los Angeles.
12th grade regular and AP English and one creative writing course.

I just wanted to let you know that this year I was nominated and won the Teacher of the Year award [at my school]. Next year I will be teaching high school. I will be at Alliance College Ready High School #7 in Los Angeles ... 12th grade English, AP English and one creative writing course.

Leslie Machuca (May 2009)

Master of Arts in International Studies at Chapman University

Guess what!?? I got accepted to Chapman University! Words cannot express how thankful I am.

Gabby Gonzalez (May 2009)

Torres Martinez Tribal (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) TANF.

Well, let me update you on what has been happening with me. :) . . . .I am officially an employee at TANF. . . .and am working with children and that is what matters! :) All I know, is that little by little everything is coming into place and I cannot be more grateful!!


Monica (Vargas) Coyt

I am very excited to start a whole new chapter of my life.

I will be the new Case Manager at a company committed to help the at-risk community. This company assists families with health care, welfare, job placement, transportation, and counseling. The Liberal Studies program helped me gain the knowledge necessary to be compassionate, attentive to detail, and assertive in accomplishing my goals. The program not only taught me about academic material, such as English, mathematics, and history, but also about psychology, sociology, and ethics.

I want to go back to school for my Masters but at this point I don't know if it will be for teaching, counseling, or social work.


Katie Place

Third Grade Teacher, Lacey, Washington

November 2010
Things are going really well for me in Washington. Teaching third grade has been one of the biggest challenges yet one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I am truly not only fortunate to have a teaching position but to work alongside such talented teachers. They have become amazing friends and offered a support system.

October 2010
As for me, I cannot believe as of this week I will have completed my first full month as a third grade teacher at Holy Family School in Lacey, WA. I have an absolutely amazing class. . . . I am extremely happy that I took this giant leap of faith. I have to admit that everything still feels so surreal, but each day reaffirms that I am doing what I was meant to do.