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Distinctive Features

Offered as part of the Undergraduate Concurrent Program of Teacher Preparation

  • Is open to all qualified students (2.5 high school or transfer student grade point average required)
  • Provides opportunities to test interest in teaching by taking courses in the Education Department requiring observation and participation in public school classrooms in the Los Angeles area.
  • Connects what you teach with how you will teach those subjects to children.
  • Enables you to graduate with a BA degree and a preliminary elementary teaching credential.
  • Enables some to complete an area of emphasis qualifying for teaching middle school (depending on district regulations, school structures, and need).

Other distinctions to consider:

  • Liberal Studies majors have studied abroad in England, Spain, and Italy. Courses taken aboard are carefully selected to meet program requirements. See photos of past students' experiences.
  • Liberal Studies Majors have spent semesters at a CSJ-Sister school St. Rose in Albany, New York. Other sister schools are located in St. Paul, Minnesota, and St. Louis, Missouri. These “cross-country” opportunities provide a breadth of experience that reads well on a resume or position application.
  • Most students complete the coursework for the degree and credential within a four-year period and register for supervised teaching in a ninth semester (completing both degree and credential in 4 1/2 years). With careful planning and successful passing of the required tests, it is possible to complete the degree and credential in 4 years (eight semesters).
  • Credentialing is a complicated system. MSMU provides systematic advisement. Advisors are available to address specific student concerns and situations.
  • Courses taken in the Education Department for the Multiple Subject (Elementary) Teaching Credential count toward the 45 upper division unit requirement for graduation.

See the Undergraduate Education Department Course Descriptions, Faculty, and more...