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Liberal Studies

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Jenny Kane


If your goal is to teach children, the Mount can help you reach it.

A degree in Liberal Studies from Mount Saint Mary’s University helps you become a master teacher or professional educator who influences the minds and hearts of children.

Here’s how:

Gain the breadth of knowledge needed to teach K-5/6, by choosing the rigorous and intellectually stimulating Liberal Studies major offered at the Mount...

This major is designed to:

  • develop your own love of learning
  • help you understanding and appreciate the many fields of human endeavor
  • enable you to see relationships between and among subject matter content and the ways subjects (such as literature, mathematics, music, art, science, history, and geography) are learned, and taught.
  • assist you learn specific course content in-depth as you prepare to make course content accessible for the children you will teach
  • help you acquire the skills needed to transfer your knowledge to real-life applications in an elementary classroom.

Future Teachers at the Mount

  • explore areas of learning as active participants
  • reflect on the learning process and their own ways of learning
  • take responsibility for self-development as educated members of society.

The foundation of the Liberal Studies major is rooted in the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, founders of Mount Saint Mary’s University. Beginning in Le Puy, France, over 350 years ago, this congregation has assisted young women reach out to a world in need of education and prepared them to help the world become a better place.

 As a Liberal Studies major, you will study in-depth the breadth of coursework commonly taught in California elementary schools—mathematics, literature, language, science, art, music, history, geography, drama, dance.

At the Mount course work for the Liberal Studies major is aligned with the content domains of the California Subject Examinations for Teachers, a state-mandated test which must be passed before prospective teachers enroll in supervised teaching. The Mount provides the support and encouragement needed to surmount some of the hurdles facing our future teachers

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You will begin your preparation in the first semester by enrolling in EDU 100 Introduction to the Concurrent program of Teacher Preparation.

EDU 101 serves as a mid-way, check point.

EDU 102 Integrative Seminar in the Liberal Studies is the culminating or “capstone” course.

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Most students selecting the Liberal Studies major apply for the concurrent program of Teacher preparation. Advantages of this program at MSMU are significant including the opportunity to complete both your BA degree and teaching credential requirements as an undergraduate.

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First-year students and sophomores, begin your program of study at either our Doheny or our Chalon Campus. Requirements differ. Applying will help find the best access to success for you.


Mount Saint Mary’s University Office of Admissions at 310.954.4250 or 213.477.2561 (toll free—1.800.999.9893 or go on-line to begin the application process.

If you are transferring from a community college, ask for David Luna.

Call Sr. Kieran Vaughan, Coordinator, Liberal Studies Major and Concurrent Program of Teacher Preparation if you have questions about the Liberal Studies program of study (213.477.2628) or send an e-mail to

Don’t delay!
The children of our future and the future of our society need the gifts you will bring as an educator.

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