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Jobs and Graduate Schools

Language skills are increasingly in demand during this age of international trade and travel. Recognizing this, employers seek out multilingual people to hire. Below are some fields seeking multilingual workers:

Business: Translating, advertising, sales, international trade, banking, finance, travel agents, tour guides, hotel and restaurant managers, bilingual Web designers, publishers, bank tellers, bank managers.

Community work: Bilingual administrators, accountants, fund-raisers, event promoters, staff workers, and lobbyists in community organizations.

Government: Bilingual social workers, diplomatic positions, immigration workers, Peace Corp desk officers, staff of the National Security Agency, FBI, and United Nations, and Congressional aides and presidential campaign assistants.

Law and Criminal Justice: Lawyers, paralegals.

Media: Bilingual reporters, anchors, office staff, technology workers, radio broadcasters, freelance writers.

Medical: Bilingual translators for people seeking health care, medical firms engaged in international commerce, marketing, and research.

Teaching: Bilingual teachers, language immersion teachers, bilingual office staff.

Translating and Interpreting: Entertainment industry, government, legal professions.

Students who graduated from our department are working at the following places:

  • Cal Poly Pomona
  • Chiat Day
  • Deloite and Touch, LLP
  • Getty Center-La Plaza de Cultura y Artes
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • Los Angeles Police Department
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Los Angeles Valley College
  • Los Angeles Valley College
  • Viewpoint High School

Our graduates have attended:

  • MA at CUA
  • MA at CSUN
  • MA at CSUSB
  • MA at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
  • MA in Humanities at MSMU
  • MA at NYU
  • MA at USC
  • MA at USLB
  • PhD at UCLA