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Nancy Ballesteros

Nancy Ballesteros, PhD, Professor, Language & Culture

A. B. D., UCLA 
M. A. in Spanish Linguistics, UCLA
B. A. in Spanish, Montclair University, Upper Montclair 

Maritza Carranza-Fonseca

Maritza Carranza-Fonseca, Adjunct Professor, Language & Culture

M. A. in Contemporary Latin American Literature, UCLA
B. A. in English Literature, UCLA

Mariana Carsillo

Mariana Carsillo, Adjunct Professor, Language & Culture

PhD Spanish (US Latino and Latin American Literature), UC Irvine
M.A. Spanish, UC Irvine

Sandra Gamson

Sandra Gamson, Adjunct Professor, Language & Culture, Le Cercle Francophone

PhD French and Francophone Studies, UCLA
M.A. French and Francophone Studies, UCLA
B.S. Biochemistry and French, UCLA

Benito Gomez

Benito Gomez, Adjunct Professor, Language & Culture

Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literatures, UCLA
M.A. in Spanish, Cal State Long Beach
M.A. in Bilingual/Multicultural Education, Cal State Dominguez Hills

Vernice Grajeda

Vernice Grajeda, Adjunct Professor, Language & Culture

M.A. in Spanish, The Catholic University of America
B.A. in Spanish and Political Science Mount Saint Mary’s University

Jessica Kanoski

Jessica Kanoski, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Language & Culture

PhD in French (concentration in linguistics), Purdue University
M. A. in French (concentration in linguistics), Purdue University
B. S. in Finance, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Alfredo Quispe, Part Time Instructor, Adjunct Professor, Language & Culture

Montserrat Reguant

Montserrat Reguant, PhD, Department Chair, Professor, Humanities, Language & Culture

PhD in Spanish Literature – Golden Age and Catalan National Building, Yale University
M. A. in Spanish, Yale University
Licenciatura-MA, Barcelona University

Hak Soon Swiatkowski

Hak Soon Swiatkowski, Adjunct Professor, Language & Culture, Music

M. M., Cal Arts
B. M., Mount Saint Mary's College

Yuki Taylor, Part-time Instructor, Language & Culture