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Language and Culture

Ashley Carranza

Con esfuerzo y perseverancia todo se puede lograr.


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Additional Programs of Study


We graduate students who have become successful translators, interpreters, teachers, professors, social workers, psychologist, politicians, nurses, entrepreneurs, musicians, graphic designers, and law enforcement professionals. You can become one of them!

What does our department offer you to achieve your goals?
  • Majors in Spanish/Latin American Studies or with Emphasis in Translation, Chicano Studies or Journalism
  • Majors in French/Francophone Studies or with International Emphasis
  • Minors in Spanish, French, Asian Studies, or Cultural Studies
  • Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Chinese classes to enhance your career or to enjoy your experience traveling the world
  • Standard professional oral and written communication in Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Chinese
  • Immersion in an effective multicultural professional environment
  • The latest technology and methodology for learning
  • Faculty members from around the world
Beyond the classroom, how can we prepare you for your future career?
  • Experiential and service learning
  • National and international internships
  • National and international study abroad travel
  • National Honor Societies
  • Student Clubs
  • Awards and scholarships

If you are interested in people from different cultures, how they think, what set of ideas, beliefs, values, rituals, and traditions have shaped their minds, and how these are expressed in different languages, literature,  culture, art, theater and film, contact us today at 310.954.4271!

Photo of Montserrat ReguantDr. Montserrat Reguant, Department Chair