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Course Descriptions

JRN 101 Basic News Writing (3)
An introduction to writing for news including broadcast, websites and other news formats (online and print). Instruction will include in-class writing assignments on deadline, out-of-class reporting assignments, and writing to video. Students will also learn basic legal guidelines for news gathering and reporting. Contributions to "The Oracle" will be included.

JRN 102 Advanced Reporting and News Writing (3)
Reporting techniques and intensive experience in identifying news sources, interviewing, researching, and constructing the story. Practice in a variety of types of journalistic writing.

JRN 110 Ethics & Legalities (3)
Giving a voice to society's most important issues carries with it a responsibility to be fair, honest and impartial. This course will examine the principles of ethical journalism as well as a writer's legal liability from copyright and fair use to the First Amendment.

JRN 111 Journalistic Research (3)
Research is a core skill for journalists and this course will allow students to develop strategies and methods for their own research process. Classes will focus on the identification of primary and secondary sources, ethical issues and the importance of objectivity in research, working with news and PR agencies, data management, data mining and the use of new media research options.

JRN 112 Photojournalism (3)
This course will introduce students to photojournalism as a powerful form of visual storytelling that has a unique place in both new and traditional media. Students will learn to identify basic photojournalism principles, edit and caption their work,understand the ethics of news gathering and create a portfolio of work that will include single story and photo essay production.

JRN 115 Editing (3)
An introduction to text editing that will examine the accuracy, style and format of texts and their preparation for broadcast, print or new media. The course will include copy revision techniques to preserve the author’s voice, fact verification, grammar and style review, recognition of libel and working with house styles.

JRN 116 Sports Reporting (3)
No longer confined to the back pages of print media, sports journalism is now a multi-platform discipline and plays an important role in the sport industry. This course will include a range of sports writing, from features to social media, and explore topics such as commercialization and the gap between men’s and women’s sports.

JRN 122 Public Relations (3)
The course looks at the practice of public relations, its use and purpose in corporate, organizational and public fields, and offers practical writing and planning skills. Students will create press releases, write for different media, create campaigns and press kits and learn to use social media and blogs to further corporate communication. The course will also cover media training and press conferences, event planning, crisis PR, ethics and the law and public relations.

JRN 130 In-depth Social Issue Reporting (3)
An advanced Journalism class on in-depth reporting on current social issues that impact local communities. Social issues such as health, education, race relations or the environment will be explored through reporting techniques that include surveying local communities, computer-aided reporting, database information analysis and in-the-field interviews.

JRN 197 Internship (3-9)
Internship site is to be selected and agreed upon by both student and Program Director. For majors only. Student must be able to provide own transportation to internship site. May be repeated for credit.