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Program Goals and Outcomes

Students who major in History examine, analyze and synthesize the heritage, culture, and events of the past in an effort to better understand and evaluate events and developments of the present. Students are taught to question underlying assumptions and challenge accepted theories. Students are required to take Historical Methods and Historiography to learn the skills of a historian in conducting research, differentiating among sources, analyzing documents, writing papers and citation format. Students must take a combination of United States history, European history and non-European History.


  • MSMU History Student Learning Outcomes:

    Convey their historical knowledge through research papers, essays, debates, and oral presentations.

    Demonstrate critical thinking skills by analyzing and synthesizing historical information from multiple sources.

    Employ techniques and methods used to gain historical knowledge.

    Evaluate historical claims using non-mainstream theoretical paradigms.

    Apply active and engaged citizenship.

    Develop mastery of diverse traditions in the field of history.