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Leadership and Women's Studies

The minor in Leadership and Women's Studies (LWS) offers an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and critical understanding of women and issues relating to gender including the practice of leadership. Courses focus on the intellectual, political, and cultural life of women in a variety of social and historical contexts. The minor provides students with a strong theoretical and empirical background in understanding how gender and women's roles in society are shaped by the factors such as race, class, ethnicity, culture and sexuality. The program emphasizes women as agents of social change through advocacy and policy making. The interdisciplinary nature of the minor exposes students to a diversity of approaches and views on gender and women's issues.

The Leadership and Women's Studies program is well-suited for students who are interested in pursuing advanced academic work in MA and PhD programs, professional schools in law, business or medicine as well as for those student planning a career in public service, advocacy or social activism.

The Leadership and Women's Studies minor consists of 18 total units including LWS 10 Introduction to Leadership and Women's Studies and one of the following: an internship or LWS 191, an honors thesis or LWS 196H, or a capstone seminar course to be designated or LWS 125. Nine of the remaining twelve units must be at the upper division level, and at least two of the courses must be from two different departments. All courses that are counted towards the LWS minor must be approved by the Director of the Leadership and Women's Studies Program.

The remaining 12 units will consist of the following courses that carry the Leadership and Women's Studies course designation:

LWS 1A Leadership Concepts (1)
LWS 1B Leadership Concepts (1)
LWS 10 Introduction to Leadership and Women's Studies (3)
LWS 100 Leadership Studies (3)
LWS 125 Leadership and Women's Studies Seminar (3)
LWS 191 Internship in Leadership (3)
LWS 196H Senior Honors Thesis (3)

ART 174 Women in Contemporary Art (3)

BUS 140 Women's Issues in Business and Economics (3)
BUS 184 / LWS 111 Organizational Behavior (3)

ENG 27/127 Women in Quest (3)
ENG 28/128 Contemporary Issues in World Literature (3)
ENG 123 Women's Voices in Literature (3)
ENG 129 Ethnic Literature of America (3)

HIS 190 History of Women in the Americas (3)
HIS 191 Major Issues in US Women's History (3)
HIS 192 Women of Color in the US (3)
HIS 186 / LWS 192 Gender in American Life and Thought (3)

NUR 182 Leadership and Management (3)

PHI 170W Social and Political Philosophy (3)
PHI 178 Philosophy of Women (3)
PHI 179 Women and Values (3)

POL 102 Women and the Law (3)
POL 110 Political Behavior (3)
POL 120 Legislative Process (3)
POL 121 Judicial Process (3)
POL 122 Middle East Politics (3)
POL 127 Politics of the Global Environment (3)
POL 132 Political and Economic Development (3)
POL 133 Moot Court (3)
POL 134 International Organization (0-3)
POL 135 Selected Problems in International Organizations (3)
POL 137 Ethnic Conflict and Civil War (3)
POL 139 Women in International Politics (3)
POL 147 Women and Development (3)
POL 148 Refugees and International Migration (3)
POL 151 Humanitarian Intervention (3)
POL 176 Public Policy (3)
POL 185 / BUS 156 Public Personnel Administration (3)
POL 187 / BUS 158 Organizational Theory and Governmental Management (3)

PSY 12 Child and Human Development (3)
PSY 110 Gender Issues in Psychology (3)
PSY 113 Learning in Children and Adolescents Across Cultures (3)
PSY 139 Child Abuse and Family Violence (3)
PSY 144 Psychology of Prejudice (3)
PSY 145 Social Psychology (3)
PSY 146 Multicultural Issues in Psychology (3)
PSY 175 Human Sexuality (3)
PSY 186 Violence Against Women (3)

RST 23 Spiritual Journeys of Women (3)
RST 25/125 Marriage Issues: Catholic Perspectives (3)
RST 135 Women and Christianity (3)

  SOC 104 The Family (3)
SOC 105 Couples (3)
SOC 107 Theories and Practice of Culture (3)
SOC 115 Sociology of Violence (3)
SOC 124 Sociobiology (3)
SOC 125 Comparative Social Structures (3)
SOC 128 Introduction to Social Work (3)
SOC 160 Diversity in Society (3)
SOC 161 Dynamics of Majority-Minority Relations (3)
SOC 162 Human Rights (3)
SOC 185 Global Development (3)
SOC 190 Social Change (3)
SOC 191 Social Movements (3)

SPA 146 Women in Hispanic Literature (3)