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Undergraduate Bachelor Programs


Welcome to the History Major

Our History program is designed to provide students with a superior education through challenging and innovative course work, exposure to professional methods through undergraduate research assistantships, and unique opportunities to gain experience beyond the classroom through service-learning projects, travel opportunities, and internships.

About the Department

Fall 2021, along with the Center for Global Initiatives, we will host a Fulbright Scholar in Residence in African History.

Stay tuned for our full announcement in February!

Center for Global Initiatives

All our faculty have PhDs in History and focus on preparing students for graduate study, teaching, law, journalism and other professional work. The History major provides students with a strong basis in world history, and allows students to choose paths that focus on American, European, and non-western civilizations, including African and Chinese History, thereby offering our students a global perspective.

Our overarching aim is to create engaged and informed citizens who are capable of effectively participating in, and contributing to, the society in which they live, armed with the skills and confidence to take on leadership roles.

We have a dynamic department with students getting ready to take on the world. We hope you will explore what we have to offer.

We offer a minor in History, and many of our majors have minors in Women’s Studies and Leadership.


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