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Global Politics


Want to explore the world and  still make it to class?

Thinking about a career in international development, international humanitarian work or foreign service?

Or just interested in learning more about the world? 

The Global Politics major has been developed within the Mount’s social justice framework with a strong basis in engaging course work, undergraduate research training, and exciting opportunities for high impact course trips.

We hope to challenge you to think deeply about the historical, social, political and environmental contexts that affect us all. Can we understand political struggles through comparisons across countries? Can we predict the rise and fall of democracies? How do we explain the differences in the lives of women and children across the globe? How does a policy decision around clean water in one country affect the rest of the globe? These are just some of the topics discussed in our classes.

Our most popular courses includes Health and Human Rights, Terrorism and Political Violence, Women and Development, the Politics of Globalization, and Revolutions and Social Movements.

Our graduates are empowered leaders prepared for international jobs in areas such as international development, humanitarian work, public policy, public health, and foreign service. The unique design of this major requires a global learning experience that can be a study abroad semester,  an internship abroad, a research experience with one of our Mount faculty or a local internship focused on global issues. Our students have worked in communities across the globe helping to  provide access to clean water or helping with after school programs for children or evaluating access to health services all while working towards an undergraduate degree. 

Our faculty led course trips involving hands on projects with communities in Mexico, South America, Africa and our MSMU house in France. Our students graduate with truly unique experiences, and strong research and leadership skills.

Be sure to ask about our Global Women’s Studies Concentration, our GWSTEM Honors Program, and upcoming course trips!

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Dr. Lia Roberts
Department Chair, Advisor for the Global Politics Major
Department of History and Political Science


Degree Requirements

Global Women in STEM and Policy (GWSTEM)

Two women in a lab together Two women in a lab together Two women in a lab together Two women in a lab together

The Global Women in STEM and Policy Undergraduate Research Training Honors Program (GWSTEM URTP) trains cohorts of undergraduate women to conduct basic and applied research in both the sciences and social sciences with a focus on global and interdisciplinary approaches. This program is a reflection of the Mount's mission and strategic plan to empower women, engage in a global environment, and to increase undergraduate research opportunities. Take courses in Policy and STEM. Engage in Summer Research Abroad!

Open to Majors in:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • History
  • Healthcare Policy
  • Global Politics


Dr. Lia Roberts -
Dr. Luiza Nogaj - 

Download GWSTEM Poster (PDF)