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Course Descriptions

GER 120 - Case Management (3)
A study of the methods and practices utilized by health and human services case managers working in a variety of social service resource settings, such as hospitals, daycare centers, senior centers, non-profit outreach programs, and convalescent facilities. Fundamental business, management and social interaction skills will be highlighted.

GER 138 - Non-Profit Management Seminar (3)
An introduction to essential management methods and skills as applied in the non-profit management sector. These include the core business fundamentals necessary for team-building, professional collaboration, grant-writing, fund-raising, marketing, accounting and finance in non-profit organizations.

GER 181 Public Policy and Aging (3)
This course will examine the origins and development of major U.S. public policy and social welfare programs as they apply to the elderly population with a focus on historical context, contemporary issues, and diversity implications. Students will analyze this population's unique needs based on emerging issues and controversies.

GER 188 - Caregiving and Adaptations for Elders (3)
This course addresses the multiple challenges caregivers must address in serving the needs of elders. Care giving, service modalities, and care options are examined. In addition, environmental adaptations that provide optimal conditions for sustained independent living are presented.

GER 189 - Gerontology (3)
A cross-cultural exploration of aging as experienced in the United States. Ageism, societal attitudes regarding the elderly, and responses to the aging process, both from the individual and social perspective, are examined. Cultural variation and responses to aging and the social, political, and economic implications of a rapidly expanding aging population in the U.S. and in many regions of the world, will be analyzed. Resource and service availability for the elderly—locally, regionally, and nationally—will also be assessed.

GER 192 - Thanatology Seminar (3)
A multi-disciplinary and comparative approach to death and dying. The course focus will consist of historical and literary themes, along with cultural responses which have provided understanding, coping, and meaning for the death and dying process.

GER 196H - Senior Honors Thesis (3)
Open only to students admitted to the Honors Program.

GER 197 - Gerontology Internship (3)
The application of the major’s program of study through an internship experience. A minimum of 120 hours of on-site experience is required, along with practicum attendance and participation. Internship site to be selected and mutually agreed upon by student and advisor. Open to majors only and to be taken in senior year of study. Prerequisite: GER 189.

GER 198 - Readings in Gerontology (1-6)
Intensive and independent study in a field of special interest at the culmination of one’s gerontology studies.

GER 199 - Special Studies (1-6)
A more advanced or specialized treatment of an area covered in the regular course list