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Course Descriptions

SOC 001: Introduction to Sociology
An introduction to the scientific study of human social behavior, including the foundational theories and the basic elements of social research. Viewing human life as inherently socially, the social and environmental forces which influence and are influenced by personal experience, culture, and social arrangements are examined. GS-IIF, VI

CRI 111: Criminology
The scientific application of the theories of crime and deviance, reflecting the structural and environmental influences of contemporary American society. A human rights course. Prerequisite: SOC 1.

CRI 116: Criminal Justice
The scientific study of crime, criminal law, and components of the criminal justice system, including police, courts, and corrections of those agencies whose goal it is to apprehend, convict, punish, or rehabilitate law violators.

CRI 122: Criminal Policies and Practice
This course will examine the legal purposes of criminal policy and how its practice both functions in and affects modern society. A range of topics will be explored including the concept of crime and criminal liability, including crimes against persons, property, government, and public morality. Also, highlights of criminal defenses, the concept of criminal capacity (including age requirements and mental insanity) and punishments will be discussed. Finally, the impact of crimes on victims and families as well as the correlation between socioeconomic status, ethnicity, geographical region, and judicial outcomes (including the likelihood of the death penalty) will be analyzed through a sociological perspective.

CRI/GIS 119: Urban Crisis and Response Management
The course provides the understanding of motivations, dynamics, and control of urban crises due to terrorism, environmental catastrophes, crowd control, urban response, etc.

GIS 110: Mapping Social Justice
This course examines concepts related to the study of geographic information at an introductory level. Using a variety of materials and online tools, students will explore how spatial reasoning can be applied to real world and social justice issues.

GIS 120: Fundamentals of GIS
This course introduces students to GIS software and applications. Throughout the course, students will learn the essential skills needed to perform basic level spatial analysis, cartographic design and map production.