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Film, Media and Communication

Undergraduate Bachelor Programs

Sample Courses

A classroom group meeting for film program

*Weekend/Evening Term at MSMU Hollywood Studio

Foundations of Photography*


Learn the fundamentals of digital photography and DSLR cameras.

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Editing with Davinci Resolve*

FLM 100B

Learn how to use the free editing software DaVinici Resolve in one weekend!

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Intro to Film

FLM 101

Introduction to the history, structure, and aesthetics of the film industry.

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Voice Diction & Camera Persona*

FLM 106

Students learn and practice artistic and technical skills of voice over and on-camera persona.

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Food & Beverage Photography*


The art of still and motion photography of food and drink for commercial, advertising, or motion picture.

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Gender & Media

FLM 124

Exploration of the roles of women in the media and the historic and contemporary issues they face.

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Documentary Filmmaking*


Exploration and application of the fundamental elements of documentary production. Students create short documentary projects.

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History of American Cinema*

FLM 132

Explore the movies and filmmakers that shaped the modern film industry.

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Learn and practice the art of writing cinematic stories.

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Intro to Digital Video Production*

FLM 139A

Learn the basics of camera, lighting, and sound.

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Editing 1: AVID 101*

FLM 140A

Explore the basics of video editing with the industry-dominant Avid’s Media Composer software.

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Post Production Audio*

FLM 143A

Learn how to record and mix dialogue, music, and sound effects for media.

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Digital Cinematography A*

FLM 144A

Exploration and application of cinematic lighting. Introduction to advanced cameras such as the Canon C-500.

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Digital Cinematography B*

FLM 144B

Exploration and application of cinematic lighting. Introduction to advanced cameras such as the RED Epic Dragon and Arri Amira. Prerequisite: FLM 144A

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Hands-on news research and video newscasting production.

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Cinema & Civil Rights

FLM 163

Special focus on race representation in film in the context of the Civil Rights Movement.

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Independent Project*

FLM 176

Students pitch and create an independent creative project.

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Science Fiction & Human Rights*

FLM 177

Exploration of the Science Fiction genre and it’s been role in addressing social justice issues.

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Masters of Light*


Celebration and exploration of the photographers and cinematographers that shape the images and films we love today.

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Production Workshop*

FLM 193A

Work with graduate film students in the production of a Professional web-based dramaDc series.

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Basic News Writing

JRN 101

An introduction to writing for news including broadcast, websites and other news formats (online and print).

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JRN 112

Exploration and application of the visual storytelling skills and journalistic ethics of the photojournalist.

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JRN 115

An introduction to text editing that examines the accuracy, style and format of texts and their preparation for broadcast, print or new media.

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Special Topics: Color Correction*

FLM 199

Learn the art of color correction and manipulation for film using the industry standard software, Davinci Resolve.

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Get real-world experience serving in an internship with an organization in your field.

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Senior Capstone*

FLM 198

Prepare a professional reel or portfolio and online presence to prepare you for the job market after graduation.

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