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Jared De los Reyes, a second-year pre-nursing major with a minor in Film and Media, has experienced several obstacles in his two years at Mount Saint Mary's University, to get to where he is at today. He is involved in many clubs and organizations such as WISH (Women in Science and Health), Latinas Unidas, and Women in Film and Media (just to name a few). Jared has had to manage all of these organizations along with peer tutoring and working at the library. "You have to make a sacrifice," says Jared. "Sometimes you can't hang out with friends because you have to worry about yourself first." As a male pre-nursing student, he understands the pressure of getting accepted into the program, but continues to strive to become the best student he could possibly be. Jared wants to be successful for his grandparents because they have been his biggest supporters. 

Jared is currently preparing the launch of his YouTube channel which demonstrates helpful college hacks, beauty tips, and more! Find out what he's up to by following him on Instagram at @eccentricteen, @ofthekingsphotography and @thegayview. Click here to watch more episodes by The Athenian Print.

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