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What English Majors Know

As an English major at Mount Saint Mary’s University, you will develop a great number of skills that will help you during your college career and beyond. To put it simply, our goal is that every Mount English major will be able to do the following:

  1. Write clearly, competently, creatively, and confidently in a range of styles and forms, and for a variety of audiences. In other words, you’ll learn to WRITE better.
  2. Approach literary texts critically, analytically, and appreciatively. In other words, you’ll learn to READ better, and to do so with more pleasure.
  3. Demonstrate a broad, general grasp of English and American literary history, as well as an appreciative knowledge of literature from a variety of cultures. In other words, you’ll gain a greater overall KNOWLEDGE OF LITERATURE.
  4. Investigate, evaluate, synthesize, and document relevant sources of information. In other words, you’ll learn to RESEARCH better.
  5. Be prepared for professional life beyond graduation, whether that be graduate school or some other career. In other words, you’ll be prepared in the area of PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.