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One thing we've noticed is that literary scholars have not given Los Angeles writing much attention.  Recently, very helpful critical work has begun to appear, most notably that of David L. Ulin (Another City:  Writing from Los Angeles and Writing Los Angeles:  A Literary Anthology), Lionel Rolfe (Literary L.A.), David Fine (Imagining Los Angeles), Julian Murphet (Literature and Race in Los Angeles), Paul Vangelisti (L.A. Exile: A Guide To Los Angeles Writing 1932-1998), and William Alexander McClung (Landscapes of Desire).  However, we think that much more remains to be done with this fertile subject, and we hope our site at least increases the interest in L.A. literature.      

The information gathered on our website has been amassed by first- and second-year undergraduate students, and we have devoted a great deal of time and effort to providing accurate, helpful, and interesting information.  What we present here is not the work of professional literary critics, and what you see is very much a work in progress.  Still, we feel that we are offering here a useful tool for fans and students of literature written out of and about L.A. 

Explore the links below to take a look at some of the most compelling and evocative literature around.  Then check back frequently to see what's been added.  We're doing a lot here.