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Alice Bardan

Alice Bardan, PhD, Instructor, English

Matthew Brosamer

Matthew Brosamer, PhD, Department Chair, English

PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
BA, Georgetown University

Scott Bryson

Scott Bryson, PhD, Professor, English

PhD, University of Kentucky
MA, Baylor University
BA, Baylor University

Dara Halperin

Dara Halperin, Instructor, English

MA, English, Loyola Marymount University
BA, English, Mount Saint Mary’s University

Millie Kidd

Millie Kidd, PhD, Professor, Program Director, English, Humanities

PhD, University of Illinois
MA, University of Illinois
BA, University of Illinois

David Leese

David Leese, JD, PhD, Professor, Business Administration, English

JD, Northwestern University
PhD, English and American Literature, Brandeis University
MBA, California State University, Northridge
MA, English and American Literature, Brandeis University
AB, Philosophy, Amherst College

Frankie Lennon

Frankie Lennon, Instructor, English

MA, Indiana University, Bloomington
BA, Indiana University, Bloomington

Wendy McCredie

Wendy McCredie, , Creative Writing, English, Humanities


Marcos McPeek-Villatoro

Marcos McPeek-Villatoro, Fletcher Jones Endowed Chair, Professor, English

MFA, University of Iowa
MA, University of Iowa
BA, St. Ambrose University

Anne Richards, Instructor, Writing Consultant, Writing Specialist, English, Student Resource Center


Elizabeth Sturgeon

Elizabeth Sturgeon, PhD, Professor, English

PhD, English, Northwestern University
MA, English, Northwestern University
BA, English, UC Irvine
BA, History, UC Irvine