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Student Spotlight


Noemi Donoso

Noemi Donoso – Single Subject Program Alumni

I attribute the success I’ve had in my career to the Mount. I had wonderful professors who taught me to be a critical thinker and showed me the importance of mixing compassion with hard work and dedication. So, at the Mount as a student I was able to help run the leadership program on the Chalon campus. And I gained so many leadership skills as I worked with high school students. It was through that experience that I realized that I wanted to continue working with students. Then when I was able to work with the education department at Doheny I was able to get equally powerful students. I was a Rockefeller Brothers Fellow. In additional, as the Chief Academic Officer of Camino Nuevo Academy I can truly say that the learning that I received at the Mount and the modeling of all of the professors contributed to that.

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