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Student Spotlight


Lesa Weinberg-Millard

Lesa Weinberg-Millard, Alumni

 I knew the minute I walked onto the campus that this was where I wanted to get my teaching credential.  The campus gave me a peaceful feeling.  Everyone I encountered was friendly and helpful.  The weekend format really attracted me and has allowed me to manage my time as a teacher and student.

While at Mount Saint Mary’s University, I have taken classes to earn my preliminary credential, my Masters in Education and this year my clear credential.  The Mount has been very positive and I am actually sad that my classes are almost over.  There are terrific instructors and advisors.  They have challenged me and in the process I have learned so much from the opportunities they have given me.  To be able to network with others while in the program, who are also earning their credentials, is a happy added bonus.

I truly believe that the educational program at Mount Saint Mary’s University really prepares you for the classroom.  It requires a lot of time, hard work and effort, but seeing the results in the work of our students is the payoff.  The assignments and projects we are asked to complete are relevant and effective.  At the completion of this program, I know that my efforts have made me the best teacher I can be for my students.

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