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Student Spotlight


Kevin Summers

Kevin Summers – Multiple Subjects/Masters Candidate

The reason I chose Mount Saint Mary’s University over the other colleges and universities in my area is because I knew this is where I would receive a lot of personalized service. From the first time I called the Education office, I got a call back that very day from an advisor. All through my process of earning my credential I’ve had people here to help me out. The advisors have been excellent. The teachers have been excelled. The class size is small. It’s ideal for really getting to know the content, really getting deep in the content. It’s been a great experience. And now that I’ve gotten to the culmination of my program (just finished student teaching), there have been other things that will help me as I’m leaving the College. Mount St. Mary’s has provided me with connections. We’ve had seminars to speak with professionals in the area, to speak with representatives from other schools that might be hiring, which is of particular interest to me at this time. I’ve had a lot of help along the way and I can say that I don’t think I would have gotten that from any of the other colleges in the area. I’m glad I chose Mount St. Mary’s and I hope you do too.

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